Saturday, December 12, 2009

Your Daily Horoscope: December 12, 2009 (Aries)

  • You may very well feel the light of inspiration today, Aries. The ideas you get today could inspire you to try new things and activities to help you re-start your natural sense of excitement and curiosity. You need to schedule some time away from your responsibilities and work so that you can let your imagination free during quiet time alone. As long as you don't lose touch by being ready to escape into a fantasy every time things get rough, you could find yourself involved in a new and exciting interest or activity.
  • ...
  • :)

Friday, December 11, 2009


i dont know...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

shall i compare thee to a summer's day?

  • Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
  • Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
  • And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
  • Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
  • And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
  • And every fair from fair sometime declines,
  • By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
  • But thy eternal summer shall not fade
  • Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
  • Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
  • When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
  • So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
  • So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
  • -william shakespeare-
  • salam...hey!
  • its been a long time since i last write..well, its not like i hv so many stories to be written here..just to remind me to may be writing a bit about whats going on with my life now..bcause i know there are people who are following this blog n crtainly want to see some new post here..
  • my second semester just started for 2 weeks but i can barely catch my breath..assignments had been given n 2 of the presentations are to be ready by this monday..dont get me wrong,i'm not complaining about this here..just giving some information about the latest me. this monday, 1 or 2 of us will be chosen to do an english game for classmates, well of course my classmates are big enough to play this games which practically hv to be a game for teenager n its a must with 1 condition, students can not write in this activity,instead..there must be a physical activities n some speaking..well, if its not for the strict n fiercing lecturer this is not a very hard task..i'm planning for a mime game..students hv to guess what their friends representing for..its not a hard game, just for fun..n easy the tense we get in the class..well,lets just wait n see for the result :) wish me luck guys! i'm a student teacher!
  • last night my friend buzz me on the ym.. the last time he buzz me was i think when i was still in my holiday which is 2 or 3 weeks ago.. after a brief how r u, n what r u doing now..he suddenly ask me this~
friend : is it wrong if we hv a lot of girlfriends?
ainur : depends.. if they r just an ordinary friend, y not..
n after a whole bunch of q&a, i realised the problem he had is he sort of like this girl but he thinks he is not a good match to her..well i think, everybody is not perfect! i started giving advice which i'm not sure will work out for him or not..he might think i dont understand him, but believe me..i do understand his situation..i told him to confess the truth to that girl so at least if the girl dont like him in return..he can throw away that feeling from his heart..before that crush feeling grows bigger to love..n when he had trow that feeling out of his heart, he can fill in the space with a greater love to Him..since he said, when he is thinking about this stuff, his mind is not fully refresh..hhmm.. easy for me to say it i guess..n dats were the exact words he said to me..but then i replied, well sorry if i was acting like i'm not understanding ur situation..but i'm giving u some advice as a friend, we are only 18..for some reasons..our heart n mind is craving for a love between the opposite gender, n i'm not excluded..mybe it is just ur teenage heart..dont take it seriously..just take it as one of the crushes u hv for a girl,but this time, mybe a bigger crush, but still a crush..
n for that, he thanks me..for making him realised it..i'm not sure if the thanks needed bcos i'm not exactly helping..but i welcome it back..''dont forget ur studies! its not cheap to fly u to egypt although ur family might not feel it..but its not cheap..take care ok..salam~''
  • not so happy with the result against blackburn last night but for some reasons i was like expecting this to happen..n its not a right thing to do..its like, better than we loose..i dont like it..we hv to be winning,not be happy with a draw..hhmm.. i miss liverpool winning in a row n scoring heaps of goals..dont get me wrong,i'm not changing my family crest..i still hv a red is my vow..i just miss the glory times..but i'm not ashamed..not at mybe not our luck..i still hv the hope..YNWA~
  • i miss my best buddy NURILYA ELLYNA...hope she is fine with her life..i'm so sorry i didnt hv the time..u take care ok dear~
  • ''someday everything will all make perfect sense. so for now, laugh at the confusion,smile through the tears,and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason"

Saturday, November 14, 2009


  • I'm counting the days since I began to live without you
  • I'm covered in rain but it feels just like it's the sun
  • And it don't get me down, don't come around
  • You're better off leaving town, I'm fine here alone now without you
  • Hey! I'm screaming at you, hey! Don't care enough to
  • Write you a letter now that I'm doing better alone
  • Hey! I'm screaming at you, hey! Don't care enough to
  • Write you a letter now that I'm doing better
  • Better off without you
  • You're stuck in a world and make believe that I can see it
  • I gave it a chance, she must be crazy not to leave
  • You're never gonna bring me down, don't come around
  • You're better off leaving town, I'm fine here alone now without you
  • Giving it up, now you take it away
  • All of my time, now get out of my way
  • Never been lost in anyone, it's me they want, without you I'm insane
  • So hear me now screaming out your name
  • __________
  • -mitchel musso-

i'm ok .. seriously... :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

i'm a boring person,, am i? hurm..lame~

  • u know what people..nothing is special about reading my blog :(
  • i mean..look at all of u,, u sure did hv a lot to write in ur blog..all which has been beautifully written by the creative u..
  • all ur great stories, experients, feelings, they are brilliant!
  • me? i dont even hv the story to write so how am i supposed to write creatively?
  • my life is dull n boring..the colours came rarely..
  • ohh...i feel bad :(
  • i do hv stories..but i think, they shouldnt be posted at blog..they are far too what we call it..personal..yeah..
  • i think only certain people can know about that..
  • and some of them..i'd like to keep it as my pretty little secret~
  • or
  • should i write them here?
  • what if people dont want to know about them?
  • huh??
  • huh???
  • huhhh???
  • i dont care!
  • this is my blog! i hv the right!
  • now i'm making this a big deal..mybe i'm just not into blogging to cry my lungs out..but i really think i hv to write more..
  • because this blog:
  • look dead!
  • not real!
  • lame!
  • ohh.. simply pathetic!
  • do i hv a choice?
  • ahhh!..this sounds stupid..i actually hv a lot more to write
  • thats for sure :)
  • but i just.. mybe i dont like to publish it in blog..
  • so whats the use of this blog?
  • or
  • i'm just too lazy?
  • ohh..i'm confused..
  • is it because i'm locked in this house too long?
  • help me people! help me! i'm crapping over here!
  • lame~
  • i'm totally insane.. i lost my insanity!
  • ohh..what am i going to do?!

Note : ainur in this blog is not the real ainur..she is lost in her house and cant be found forever..

probably because she is trapped in her house..

she lost her mind because her tv exploded during the manu vs chelsea match n

this lead to the lack of phineas n ferb's show that she usually watch everyday at 9 a.m.

and actually.. SHE IS FREAKIN BORED!!

nak tgok tv laa!! huu~ :'(

astaghfirullahalazim...this is all ridiculous!

sorry people..

i hv to stop now..this is going mad~

take care :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

salam ya jamilah

take care dear~
  • :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

glorious scenes~

these are some pictures of the match liverpool vs man utd!

glad we made it!

reds turn the devils white:)
i told u , u can do it! just believe in urself!
nice work lads!
keep that spirit in ur upcoming matches!


Sunday, October 25, 2009



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nick my love =)

his beautiful voice, his innocence-looked face, his charming appearence, and the cutest,, his curly hair that i admire the most,,
but some of these info below..i never knew before (including dat he is actually 1 year younger than me, i thought all the 3 of them r older than me,uh, damn!) so i would like to share these
info with all of u!
Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter and actor best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop-rock band he formed with his brothers Joe and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers originally started as an attempted solo singing career for Nick, but when his brothers Kevin and Joe sang backup for him, the record producer liked their sound and signed all three of them. He currently stars in the Disney channel original series JONAS as Nick Lucas, alongside his brothers.
nick was born in Dallas, Texas, the son of Denise, a former sign language teacher and singer, and Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., a songwriter, musician, and former ordained minister at a Pentecostal Assemblies of God church. He was raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey and homeschooled by his mother.

He was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 13 and wears an OmniPod insulin pump to help him manage his diabetes. He has developed the Change for the Children Foundation. Partnering with five different charities, their goal is to raise money and awareness for diabetes. He also developed a public service announcement with the Washington Nationals to support diabetes care at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

nick's carrier started when he was discovered at the age of 6 in a barber shop while his mother was getting her hair cut and was referred to as a professional show business manager. At the age of 7, he began performing on Broadway. He had acted in several plays, including A Christmas Carol (in 2000 as Tiny Tim and Scrooge at eight), Annie Get Your Gun (in 2001 as Little Jake), Beauty and the Beast (in 2002 as Chip), and Les Misérables (in 2003 as Gavroche). After Les Misérables closed, he performed in The Sound of Music (as Kurt) at the Paper Mill Playhouse.
Jonas Brothers After meeting with Jonas and hearing the song, "Please Be Mine", written and performed by the brothers, Daylight/Columbia Records had decided to sign the three as a group act. After being signed to Columbia, the brothers considered naming their group "Sons of Jonas" before settling on the name "Jonas Brothers."
It's About Time, the brothers first album was released on August 8, 2006. According to the band's manager, it was only a "limited release" of a little over 50,000 copies. Because Sony was not interested in further promoting the band, the Jonas Brothers then considered switching labels. The band was ultimately dropped by Columbia Records in early 2007.
After shortly being without a label, the Jonas Brothers signed with Hollywood Records in February 2007. Around the same time, brothers began appearing in commercials for Baby Bottle Pops, singing the jingle. Their self-titled second album, Jonas Brothers, was released on August 7, 2007. It reached number five on the Billboard Hot 200 chart in its first week. Its sold since sold over three million copies worldwide.
The Jonas Brothers' third studio album, A Little Bit Longer, was released in the United States on August 12, 2008. It sold over 2 million copies worldwide. The Jonas Brothers were listed number 9 on the richest pop acts of 2008 with Coldplay and AC/DC making over 62 million

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

broken heart poem

I'll be fine, again.
It doesn't feel right to wake up without you.
Not when I can still hear your voice in these halls.
I painted your room to cover up everything,
but everyday I'm still trapped in these walls.
How I wish I could feel your touch.
Or even just your breath upon my neck.
I'd go insane if I tried to move on.
The only thing I can do, is try to forget.
They say everything happens for a reason,but why must I always feel this way?
I never would have imagined you'd slip from my hands,
leaving me behind, in misery, and pain.
The Doctor tells me the pain's all in my head,
but I know for a fact I feel it in what's left of my heart.
She won't prescribe me some medication,though I know she will soon have to start.
my friends all say I'll be fine.
They tell me to just move on.If only things were that simple,
but I can't let you go even when you are gone.
I removed your pictures from the wall,
but I still see your face when I close my eyes.
It's hard to deal with all of this sober,
but everyone says I'll heal in time.

  • posted on 09/19/2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009




Friday, October 2, 2009


  • exam

  • special occasion

Sunday, September 13, 2009


oh sygku intan payung.. sorry kte lme sgt x cntct awk.. kte bz gle.. dgn assignment x abes2, klas gnti sane sini, test, quiz, tensi la gak.. ni pon dis week x bole blik..sorry ye~
awk sihat x?
hope awk sentiase sihat...
bju rye kte x peach sgt la elly,,
kaler ala2 brick red..
nnti kte dah ckp ngn ibu kte nak bju kaler peach btul
dah nak rye dah ni..
take care tau!
sye syg kamu~

Saturday, August 29, 2009


hari ini...
ilya ellyna!!!
*xcited sungguh :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


ni map nak gi msu..
senang je,,elly kn dah biase ngn shah alam kn..
kalau x clear tgok kat sini
good luck!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


  • last nyte,, i watched SEPI,, it was a very nice movie,, i cried horribly ...
  • yeah,, its a 'cerite lme' ,, kaksu rcomend me to watch it
  • cerite-cerite sedih yg patut ditengok!
  • -> sepi, cinta, pensil, n lots more shes been promoting to me..
  • how kabir bakhtiar plan the story is awesome and how the pelakons act were spectacular! the best actor is of course afdlin shauki :)
  • my favourite story between dat 3 story is iman's story..although baizura kahar's acting is not really good,, but i found her story is really near to me..
  • overall,, good movie it was,, imagine if i watched it at cinema~
  • hhmm..totally a blew!! :D

  • i dreamt of him this morning...see, i slept late last night, so i'm very sleepy this when they all(ayah, ibu, alya) had gone to work n school,, i fell asleep again...
  • it was only from 8-9 a.m sleep..a 1 hour sleep..but when i woke up..i feel like i was sleeping for ages! like it was part of my life...the missing part of it..
  • in my dream me n him(only elly n christina knows him) met in this one wedding of our friend..he never notice me before..never! i think..(it was a secret crush..i like him from the first day i saw him..) but at dat wedding,, we keep on meeting eyes n it feels different..and he was also feeling the same feeling i felt..and it really feel so real..
  • so when the wedding was over, i was on my way to my car (already dreaming of getting my license..)when suddenly he called me..
  • ''ainur!! ainur kn? erm..kte satu klas kn? u look pretty today.." i just nervously nod,,shyly smile~~ :)
  • the fact that he was standing there, talking to me was a real blow to me..what more,, he said i'm pretty?? is it true?? although it was just a dream..i can feel my cheeks hot , far as i dat dream..i was just like me in this real world..still big,not slim, still wearing a tudung, my real self..
  • he ask me to join him for a minum-minum anywhere near,, suddenly i'm so scared..mybe it was just a betting his friends and him are plying around..but his face is genuinely honest, i cant stop myself from saying 'ok' ..(i thought it was a great desicion since i will never get that chance in the real world)
  • during dat minum-minum moment,,he told me this shocking statement..i remembered it clearly..masih terngiang-ngiang lg tau!
  • "i tau u mybe terkejut kn i tbe2 dtg kat u td, tbe2 ajak gi minum, hhmm..i pon xtau..actually..i dah lame suke kat u..u comell sgt..n baik..but i dont know how to bgtau dis thing to u..u know n u see..i'm not a very good guy..u seems so nice..i tkut u x trime ble tgok lynn dgn alias bahagie td..i x bole tahan diri i..i tkut u pegi kat org lain..will u marry me ainur..please..dont say no.."
  • my tears run down my cheeks..i cant believe almost feel like real..almost..n suddenly the scene changed..
  • with 'cinta antara kita' song being the background music of dat scene..we were having a sweet moment together..walking at the park, eating together, laughing..and then when he was staring softly into my eyes..
  • i was awake~
  • still smiling of dat sweet moment..i tried really hard to continue my sleep n my dream..but i cant..

i dont know what is the meaning of this dream

it might be just a 'mainan tidur'


mybe bcos i watched SEPI..(he really looks like sein ruffedge in dat movie)


i'm happy..eventhough it is just a dream..

at least i had feel those happy feeling being together with him..

even it is just for a while..

its enough,, more than enough~

in real world..i'm still his biggest secret admire..

*menyukai seseorang yang bukan muhrim yg berlainan jantina tanpa si dia mengetahuinye adalah satu jihad*

(somebody told me that)

  • p/s : tomorrow,, test jpj..wish me luck friends~


dear..i'm so sorry for u..i'm so sorry dat ur heart is so hurt now..i'm sorry i dont do anything anything to help u..u might think i'm not concern about u anymore now ryte?? the truth buddy..i'm still thinking of u everyday, hows ur lyfe there treating u, hows ur study, hows everything!..i always want to call u n talk till we drop, share our stories, giggles together, cry together, ..but i'm just a student dat will use a lot of money for other things other than reloading my i'm sorry buddy..i'm really,really,really sorrry!



Thursday, August 6, 2009

poor kak una~

  • poor kak una.. kne than msuk wad,, scary..
  • tomorrow is english for academic writing paper..
  • until today,,3 papers are considered done,, they are~
  • english language awareness
  • islamic studies
  • intro to literature

abg said..there's already been 12 death for h1n1..

hope kak una will be alright..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

so tired~

  • just arrived from kampong,, so tired of yesterday's kenduri!!
  • tomorrow my exam start but i dont prepare anything yet..hadoi,,
  • fell like i'm going to have a fever again..please no..
  • i need mean..NOW!! :(
  • i must study!

Friday, July 31, 2009

balik kampung!

  1. nak ikut?
  2. jom...
  3. ahad bru balik :(
  4. kat kg x bole on9
  5. next week exam!!!
  6. kat kg ade knduri sure x blaja
  7. TIDAK!!!!!
  8. hhhhmmm~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


oh my GOD!! i ''accidently" missed my islamic studies class n today ade quiz!...huhu...terbgun lmbat,,thank god kakshu , wan , n some other students also didnt turn up,, wan said, "jgn risau,,nnti aku jumpe ustz ckpkn..pape hal nnti aku gitau ko ek " but until now,,i cant stop myself from thinking about dis thing..x pnah lg escape klas kot,,n td wktu english language awareness, ade listening test..hadui!! x bole nak focus,, fikiran menerawang ke mne ntah..naseb sng je,, hhhmmm...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sick n scared :(

i'm scared...i'm not feeling very well~ hope everything will be alright...

Friday, July 24, 2009

BEST2!! psar mlm pntai dlam...

Errrmm...nak ckp ape lg..mmg SGT BEST!!! heaven of food~huhu..ctenye cmni...selase mlm rabu ari tu seperti biase kteorg~kaksu, kak una, is, wan, sha, ecah, n me(syaza x ikut sbb nak siapkn assignment) gi lepak kat ali mkn (semalam rafi)..tgh dok tunggu order seperti biase kaksu memulekn agenda biasenye iaitu berceloteh untuk mlm tersebut..."ishhkk..korg x boring ka ari2 ngadap muke mamak2 ni? ye la..kte ni kalau mkn, tak ali rafi..tak rafi ali..kaksu boring la gak''..lalu kak una mengutarakn sebuah idea yg bole dikatekn menarik..''a'ah la kaksu..btui gak tu..bosan! eh kaksu..jom pegi pasar mlam pantai dalam nak,,lama kte x pegi sana kn?'' tbe2 mate kaksu bersinar2 "brilliant idea usna!! apsal la aku x tepikir dari dlu kn..ha! bole tunjuk budak2 ni..korg msti x pnah pegi kn? kte pegi besok nak..since besok ari rabu..ok?"..mmg kteorg x pnah pegi pon..x pnah dgar pon name tu..kteorg pon ok je laa..sebab cm syok je,lgpon mmg agak bosan layan food mamak everyday..pastu kaksu n kak una cite..kat sane mcm bazar ramadan,,mcm2 gile ade..kalau dtg x lapa pon jd lapa lpas tgok mcm2 makanan kat situ..drpd utare, selatan, timur, sume laa jenis makanan..u name it..sume ade..wahh! lg teruje daku mendengar perkare itu seronok ni! hehehe... SO...dipendekkan crite ari rabu pon menjelme dan berlalu dgn agak pntas(cet,,psar mlm punye psal)..hari rabu mmg sume budak fbmp ade program mentor-mentee,, n mmg slalunye budak tesl sgt jarang dilepaskn cpt..time table ckp 4-6 ,,,pkul 6 lah abesnye..kdg2 lebih..smpai2 bwah hostel tu dyeorg sume dah tunggu kat bwah..aduyai..''sorry2...kak una, nak gi tuka bju n letak beg jap ek..'' sepantas kilat daku berlari naek dan buat ape yg patut dan turun semule...since kteorg bertujuh,, teksi amek 2 la kn..3-4 org per teksi,, tahan teksi je dah 1 hal..disebabkn jln nak gi ktm sgt jem di wktu balik keje seperti itu, x byk teksi yg ingin merisikokn diri mereke menempuh dugaan tersebut,, abes minyak je kate dyeorg..aduh,, cmne ni..namun akhirnye ade gak la teksi yg sudi menghantar kteorg apabila melihat muke ksian kteorg..hehe..tactic bejaye! dlam ktm daku n is mndpt tmpat dudok mnekale mereke yg laen terpakse berdiri..sesampainye di stesen pantai dlam, kteorg pon kuar..igtkn kat luar tu je psar mlmnye,, rupe2nye x..kne naek teksi lg pulak bru smpai ke destinasi tersebut...tunggu teksi x la lme sgt..siap kaksu igt2 lupe jlan laa..smpai pkck teksi tu pon cm hangin je tp cool cos penumpang msti diutamekn(written on the side window of the texi) smpai kat tmpat tu pkck tu ckp,,''laaa..awat hang x ckap psar mlam je sng..flat itu la ini la..haduih" kaksu hanye mampu tersengih ''sorry pkck..'' kteorg yg laen hanye mampu bergelak! hahahaha!! Sekeluarnye daku dari teksi tersebut, terpampanglah deretan gerai yg sgt panjang di dpan mateku,, "waaaaaa~~~pnjgnye!!!" itulaa reaksi pertameku ketike melihat psar mlam tersebut..sgt pnjg!! dahla bercabang2..byk gle gerai! dgn bnggenye kaksu berkate "kn kaksu dah kate" hehehe...smentare mnunggu teksi 1 lagi smpai yg membawe kak una, is, dan wan..kteorg (ecah n sha sbenanye) telah dingorat oleh anggota2 RELA yg sepatutnye bertugas mnjage keamanan kawasn tersebut..''iishhkkk! rimas ah!'' kate ecah..nak buat cmne cahh, dah anda tu la lawa..haha..naseb baik la seminit due lpas tu teksi dyeorg smpai..kteorg pon memulakn misi memburu pada hari tersebut..aduyai..rambang mate dibuatnye..mcm2 ade,,ckp je,, goreng2, sup2, nasi2, buah2, rojak2, mee2, air2 jgn ckap ah kn..dari air2 cm kordial tu, ice blended, ABC, cendol, kelapa, haa! sume laa..setelah seround tgok2..akhirnye daku membeli rangke ayam n nasi ayam berempah(sebungkus rm3 je!! gile murah! ayam dah la besar!) n sepnjang jlan2 tu secawan air mate kucing n secawan air tembikai telah daku slurpp2..dan juge sebatang sushi malaysia yg menarik perhatian untuk di try..hhmm..agak sedap:) ha! lupe nak cte..kaksu n kak una teringin nak mkn laksa penang, n dyeorg mmg dah tau tmpat mne yg jual sedap.."makcik gothic tu usna!'' kate kaksu.. spontan mereke tergelak berdue..kteorg yg laen ni cm blank2 je..pastu dyorg ckp.."x pham ek..xpe2,,nnti tgok sendiri..hehehe" kate kaksu n kak una..sesampainye di tmpat yg dituju,, ternmpaklah kami sesusuk tubuh manusia yg nmpak rugged dan agak gothic, wktu dye menoleh ke arah kteorg tu terserlah kegothican make up beliau..dgn eyeliner yg tebal, lipstick yg agak gelap..wahh! mmg agak berumur untuk dressing cmtu..rsenye 40 lebih nak dkat 50 cmtu..kteorg sume terpegun..kaksu n kak una hanye mampu tersenyum melihat gelagat mkck tu baek,,peramah sgt..kaksu smpat membodek,, "laksa mkck ni sedap tau..sedap sgt,,sebab tu kaksu jd pelanggan tetap dye" mkcik tu tesipu2 seketike,, ecah yg cm x than je tgok laksa tu trut meng-order satu 4 dye,, itulah,penangan mkck gothic~si ecah n sha nak bli apam balik yg nipis tu..alaa..yg rangup tu..ape nme dye? hhmmm..x igt la ape nme dye..korng tau2 sendiri la ek..hehe,,disebabkn agak byk org yg jual bnde tu,, n bnde tu nmpak sme je kat sume tmpat,dyorg decided nak bli kat org yg paling hensem yg jual..hahaha! ape ke jadahnye ntah,xde kne-mengene hnsem dgn sdap tu mmg dyorang, nak buat cmne..haha,,nak dijadikn cte ade 2 tmpat yg penjual dye agak hnsem..mmg btul, bole than la hensem mereke,hehe..dahlaa si ecah n sha ni dlam dilemma..haha!lwak tgok dyorg! masalah cm besa gle je! cm pk msalah negare!pdahahal nak plih mne satu je..last2,, kat due2 tmpat dyorang bli..hihi,kn senang..(tp duit sedie je laa)...hhhmmm~ Dalam pjlanan blik,,bau semerbak harum food2 yg kteorg bli melingkari ruang legar dlam ktm n teksi..hehe..lapa je org sekeliling kteorg, comform tension! dahla pnat blik keje ke ape, bau plak sedap2 from kteorg..hehehe,,sesampainye kteorg di campus cpt2 mandi n solat..pastu kteorg pon start la kenduri pada ari itu..wahh!! mmg mkn smpai kenyang ah mlm tu..n sambil mkn2 tu kaksu n kak una biasela..bercerite kisah2 hidup dyeorg..comment2 org..buat lwak jenake thap pecah perut..aduyai~smpai situ dlu kot psal psar mlm pntai dlam..tu je la kot buat mse skrang...till the next post..bye~ P/S : sesetengah part of dis story telah ditokok-tmbh dan diubah suai SIKIT untuk memberi kesan yg lebih dramatis..haha! :D

Friday, June 19, 2009


the title might be a lil bit..i dont know..for me..spooky..seeing the word being type itself make me feel very nervous..but it is wut is going on with my life now..i sumhow slowly entered a phase of life called..adulthood(gggrrr..goosebumps!!)..of course not totally change cos this phase took a whole lot of tyme.. 8th of june i was sent to management n science university(msu) shah alam for a course in dip TESL..i'm not sure wut i feel at dat tyme..not totally sad but also not totally happy..i'd rather called it nervous..i guess..nervous of a totally new lyfe,with new surrounding,new circle of friends,new people,new activities, but most of all maybe a new it nervous or scared? i'm not sure...more like combination of both.. ok..let get to the story..true story of me for the past 10 days at hostel is located inside the campus which is not totally a is a 3 blocks shoplot with a compound transformed to become msu n college ptptl's temporary campus bcos our new campus still in room have 2 double dacker bunk which made my room had a total of 4 people in it..quiet a big num for a small room like dat..but it doesnt matter nway..i like crowds..the more the marrier..hahahaha..besides,all my roommate still in their semester holidays(which is now clear that they are all seniors..i've met 2 of them n they are so nice..)the 1st four days was the orntation week..typically..groups being made,lots of teamwork,abg2 n kakak2 faci with their ridiculous yet fun tasks,talks,talks n more talks,hillarious group performances ..i sumhow like it..n then comes the part when we have to settle everything all by ourselve..the ptptn loan,the subject registration,the way to calculate our tuition fees,the meeting with our mentor n counsellor,the way to count credit hours,the way to look at the tricky timetable n lots more..thats when all the adulthood really started..i never done anything like all that stuffs alone before..n it felt really awfull when i had to decide sumthing without my parents to guide really make me grow up faster than ever in that little period of time n tried to solve the problems all by myself..i felt like crying at some points of the times but then i realised this is exactly wuts going to happen to me after this..or mybe i got to adapt fast,be independent,know how to control myself,or i'll be lost..besides its not like i'm truely all alone..i got my mentor n counsellor to advice n teach me on is just that i'm the one who will do the things..not like before school..almost everything ayah n ibu will do..OK..done with msu..i know a whole lot of new friends..firstly my groupmate in orntation week..they are~taufiq,hazim,haziq,aiman,hafifi,sildesh,intan,aina,ain,ambiga,shira,jess,n chua..we are the ROCKSTARS ryte..hehe...enough with isabella either in search version or in the orchestra version..after dis we will all be going in different faculty but the memories remain..and my new roommates~sha,syaza, n lia..good to know u all n i hope share some great moments with all of u:) to other new friends~ecah,is,nazim, thanks for ur accompany..i do appreciated my mentor~mdm nur izlin, please guide me my counsellor~kak malzana,thanks for all the time u spent to make me not so nervous bout my life here..i will always need u here..AND a big round of applause to abg2 n kakak2 faci for the brilliant orntation week~en muaz,abg zul,abg faris,abg bob,abg shaputra,abg hairie,kak syira,kak anne,kak ika n all...thanks..thanks..thanks.. n a special thanks to elly n diyana for keeping me insane while i stuggled to go through the most boring weekend of my lyfe filled a a little by calling n u both!..n a whole bunch of thanks to stephen mayer for creating 'new moon'..the savior of my desperate life last weekend..i read that book without skipping not even a word i tell u..haha..n of course last but not least to ibu n ayah for not failing to call me 5 times a day for that 10 days..gosh its a number! i do appreciated it n will always remember it..oh yeah~to my hubby love:))fernando torres..thanks for being there with me every single second i'm in the room..although u r just hansomely stand still in the poster..i knew u were there with me(gile!) haha..erm..ok than..thats all i guess..thanks for reading:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i believe we can fly...

i want to dedicate this song to all my friends espcially my beloved gladys o4o8...our path maybe different after dis but i'm sure every single of us will become someone in the future..may Allah bless all of us..aminn...

"I Believe I Can Fly"

I used to think that I could not go on

That life was nothing but an awful song

But now I know the meaning of true love

By leaning on the everlasting arms

If I can see it

Than I can do it

If I just believe it

There's nothing to it

I believe I can fly

I belive I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day

Spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can soar

I see me runnin' through that open door

I believe I can fly [3x]

Ohh yeah

See I was on the verge of breaking down

Sometimes the silence can seem so loud

There are miracles in life I must achieve

But first it's got to start inside of me ohh

If I can see it

Than I can do it

If I just believe it

There's nothing to it

I believe I can fly

I belive I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day

Spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can soarI see me runnin' through that open door

I believe I can fly [3x]

Cause I believe in me yeah oh

If I can see it

Than I can do it

If I just believe it

There's nothing to it yeaa

I believe I can fly (I believe I can fly)

I believe I can touch the sky (touch the sky)

I think about it every night and day(Spread my wings)

Spread my wings and fly away

I believe that I can soar(I see me runnin')

I see me runnin' through that open door(through, through)

I believe i can fly yeah

I believe I can fly (I can fly)

God said I can do it (I can fly)

If I just spread my wings (I can fly)

Spread my wings

Spread my wings

And I can fly Ohh fly

I can fly (I can fly)

Friday, April 17, 2009

dear future destiny~~

Dear future destiny, Photobucket I hope you are kind to me..i hope you dont destroy my feelings and that you consider looking at things from every angle and every perspective,just as i would do to you..please notice that i'm not only make mistakes,but i also learn from them and create wonderful things called lessons of life.i know i'm not doing my best yesterday..but i promise to strive harder tomorrow..remember that i'm in your hands and if you drop me i will break cos you know i'm very fragile..if i'm ever not myself..please remind me..bcos you are the future..please..when will you come my way? sometimes i feel hopeless but thanx to all people that care n love me..i know that future is yet to come..i dont know when that 'someday' will soon become 'today' but please make it faster..bcos like my other frenz i also want to be successful person n make my family proud of me~ sincerely, -ainur-

Friday, April 10, 2009

el nino mi amor~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my sifu~

i understand ur feelings dear~eventhough i'm new...i can feel it...have faith you:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

you'll never walk alone...liverpool~torres~

here are some photos of our el nino~yayy!! (^O^)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


thanx to elly~ i'm now liverpool supporter~but i'm still new...there's so much for me to know n find out about dis team..haha..never cross in my mind to like n watch football..i dont hate it,i just dont care to know bout dis sport..for me football is totally not me..but it really quiet interesting if u watch the match..the way the players play..haha..i watched my real 1st match alone last monday..liverpool vs aston is very ah..x penah2 tgok bola ...tbe2 tgok bola wktu 2nd half..ttdo...huhu..i miss 2 goals..thnk god dah tgok kat final score after dat..elly cam mrh ah gak tp dye kate xpe2...1st gave me dis brilliant idea..dye kate wktu mle2 dye tgok bola dlu pon sebab dye nak tgok she told me to choose any player yg agak cute...(xcept gerrard..haha) so, i decided to choose fernando torres...walaweyh~bole thn ape comeinye...n dats was the story...the beginning of a new story...''ainur fan of liverpool''

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


when i ask u to listen,
and u start giving me advice,
u have not done what i've asked..
When i ask u to listen
n u feel u have to do something to solve my problem,
u have failed me,
strange as that may seem,
When i ask you to listen to me
and u begin to tell me why i shouldn't feel dat way,
u are trampling on my feelings,
all i ask is that you listen,
dont talk or do-just hear me,
advice is cheap...
when u do something for me that i can n need to do myself,
u contribute to my fear and inadequacy,
so please listen n just hear me
and if u want to talk,
wait a minute for ur turn
and i will listen to you~


hye it maybe look n sound pathetic but i'm dying to write more..(teruje)maybe bcos i'm new here..haha..ok newbies,introduce urself:)
ok!here goes~
*i'm ainur mardhiah azrai*18 to be*i love pink!*i love barbie(laugh if u want to..haha)*29th march every year is my bday*i love my fmily*ayah-my true hero.the most sabar man in the whole wide world.n my bank begerak.i love u ayah!,ibu-although sumtymes i feel lyke banging my head to the wall becos of her own anger management problem.she can be so sweet on the other for e.g her so much!:),abg-he always call me debab or si tembam which on the real world is so so so true.maybe back then i can be so mad at him.but now i think it is just some cruel encouragement for me to trim down a u?haha!,azam-my only adeq laki which is so xtremely in his early teenage/grown up year(ckp mcm dah besa sgt..haha).sumtymes he can be quiet annoying,but then bukannye slalu jumpe i dont really care so much.ily azam.hehe!,alya-my only lil sys.i hv to share my(ok..our..)precious room with her.ohh.she can be such a drama queen.reporting my activities to my mom.but i love her because some of the reports were eventually will make ibu pleased with me*i love my frens-TKC'S GLADIATORS 0408.we make it till the last day kn?standing tough!huhu-THE GEGIRL(aman,juni,zue,nazu,shamim,diyana)eventhough kte ske memekak n buat havoc dmne2 kte berade,kte x pnah buat discipline cases kn?kte bdak baik yg pndai menyanyi dan disukai ramai.even the mkck-pkck dining hall n the wardens pon jd fans kte kn.haha.elly-my heart to heart best buddy,hannan-sobiroh yg sengal tp pndai,hana-beddie yg menimbulkn kontrovesi,bazy-rkn segile n x gemok!noni-sweet deskie08*i love laughing*of my precious room*i love myself*love romantic guy like the one in video clip 'tanpa'*love my maybe i'm still waiting for sum1 to curi n keep my heart fovever without hurting it.hahaha*i think thats it.some info bout the little miss naughty-ainur*wink*(^o^)
sory if it looks a bit mess...x pndai lg:)...i'll improve kayh;)

the beginning~

hello2~ testing2...:) i'm not good because i'm new.. this is a very good day to start a new sumthing in my lyfe... hope to see improvement n success!! long life everybody~ peace,love n harmony:ainur:)