Monday, November 9, 2009

i'm a boring person,, am i? hurm..lame~

  • u know what people..nothing is special about reading my blog :(
  • i mean..look at all of u,, u sure did hv a lot to write in ur blog..all which has been beautifully written by the creative u..
  • all ur great stories, experients, feelings, they are brilliant!
  • me? i dont even hv the story to write so how am i supposed to write creatively?
  • my life is dull n boring..the colours came rarely..
  • ohh...i feel bad :(
  • i do hv stories..but i think, they shouldnt be posted at blog..they are far too what we call it..personal..yeah..
  • i think only certain people can know about that..
  • and some of them..i'd like to keep it as my pretty little secret~
  • or
  • should i write them here?
  • what if people dont want to know about them?
  • huh??
  • huh???
  • huhhh???
  • i dont care!
  • this is my blog! i hv the right!
  • now i'm making this a big deal..mybe i'm just not into blogging to cry my lungs out..but i really think i hv to write more..
  • because this blog:
  • look dead!
  • not real!
  • lame!
  • ohh.. simply pathetic!
  • do i hv a choice?
  • ahhh!..this sounds stupid..i actually hv a lot more to write
  • thats for sure :)
  • but i just.. mybe i dont like to publish it in blog..
  • so whats the use of this blog?
  • or
  • i'm just too lazy?
  • ohh..i'm confused..
  • is it because i'm locked in this house too long?
  • help me people! help me! i'm crapping over here!
  • lame~
  • i'm totally insane.. i lost my insanity!
  • ohh..what am i going to do?!

Note : ainur in this blog is not the real ainur..she is lost in her house and cant be found forever..

probably because she is trapped in her house..

she lost her mind because her tv exploded during the manu vs chelsea match n

this lead to the lack of phineas n ferb's show that she usually watch everyday at 9 a.m.

and actually.. SHE IS FREAKIN BORED!!

nak tgok tv laa!! huu~ :'(

astaghfirullahalazim...this is all ridiculous!

sorry people..

i hv to stop now..this is going mad~

take care :)


elly said...

syg saye..write whatever u's ur blog,ur thoughts n stories. :)

miss barbie_sakura293 said...

but then...
what if i dont hv any?

huhu...abaikan je la..
ni dah boring sebab sehari suntuk x tgok tv..
tv rosak! :'(

anwar azhari said...

never give up to write a new post everyday or every week. thomas alva edison set a fire in a train before he could light the whole world.

always try to see things in a different perspective. n widening perspective can be done by reading a lot and to listens to others thought as well.

and so,


damn MU kalah

miss barbie_sakura293 said...

hihihi.. :)
thank you!

never see u commenting on my post~
it feels good to see it :)

i'll write more! i will!

miss barbie_sakura293 said...

too bad manu klah! :D