Sunday, November 28, 2010

you'll never walk alone guys..

good luck guys..i always have faith in my team..
bury them!
and sayangku torres..please give me good goals okay?
ynwaxoxo :)

so what, if i shed blood tears?!

huhuhuhu :'(
so what, if he asked for only my phone number and not others..
so what, if he said i'm his best friend..
so what, if he treats me well..
so what, if he talks to me more than he talks to any of my girl friends..
so what, if he smiles the sweetest smile to me when we met..
so what, if i'm feeling the rushing flush of blood pumping to my face when we talk even a simple talk..
so what, if he cares for me..
so what, if he waves to me so wholeheartedly when we said goodbye..
so what, if he makes me feel comfortable talking about anything with him..
so what, if suddenly i know he likes that other girl..
so what, if he already told me about his feelings toward that girl..
so what, if i feel pain in my chest when he told me how much he likes that other girl..
so what, if he ever found out about my feelings..
so what, if i love him..
so what, if i miss him..
so what, if he might not even care..
so what, if i'm hurt bad enough i might cry my lungs out..
so what, if i sound so pathetic here..
so what, if i'm confuse with this relationship..
so what, if i'm the only one who are confuse with this relationship..
so what, if i want it to be more than just friends..
so what? so what? so what?
= i really don't know and it doesn't matter :'(

S.M. THE BALLAD - Miss You

their angelic voices...i'm so touched :')

Super Junior SHINee | Bonamana (미인아) Lucifer Remix / Mashup

oh super duper awesome!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

aren't they look like dolls?

so beautiful...