Sunday, January 30, 2011

autumn in my heart

yes..this is the feeling i'm having bright, so breezy, so light..i'm not good at this but i can feel it..i can feel the emotion and the mood..i know..its quite pathetic for me to feel this way but i cant help it..i'm so happy i can smile in my sleep..yes people..i'm so in love..i'm in love with him..oh this is so cheesy..not that he loves me back..but who cares..can i at least be happy of what he had done for me tonight? oh i didn't tell you right? he sang for it? he did sing for tell me,how on earth a girl NOT be falling head over heals when a boy sing for her? oh the sweetest song ever..the truth is, i still like him..and when he did things like this i cant help but to fall even more for him..can i? can i? i know everything about that girl but i really cant stop my feeling towards him..its like,the more i tried,the more it wont leave my heart..
this is the lyrics of the song:
-It's hard for me to say "Thanks" or "Bye" to You
All I can say to you is "Thank You" or "Thanks so much"
eveything is brand new to me, so I'm a little unsure
How should I say it? It's still really awkward
Even today, I worry about it
Hopefully we'll be able to have a "Banmal Relationship"
even though its stil kind of awkward
rather than saying "gomawoyo" (thank you)
let me hear more intimate words
We can have a "Banmal Relationship"
one step at a time, slowly walk closer
look at me in the eye
can you tell me "I love You"
its hard being a secret admirer...
thanks for the song chingu, gomawo =)
and btw, this song is from yonghwa and seohyun, wgm couple~