Monday, June 27, 2011

on the 9th cloud

its a sunny breezy Monday evening, i'm quite mad my class for today is cancelled and postponed to tomorrow, huh~ okay its the end of June now, July is approaching real soon..i have a mix feeling about July, its the month where i can see my heroes on the pitch of my home soil but it is also the month i will be going to see the children..the first batch of children i will be teaching *goosebumps* omygod whenever this thought strikes me, i'll always get that nervous bone-chilling sensation.. oh my, me being at home without anything related to english accept for spazzing and blogging and watching movies surely is a no helper. i'm scared i might forget the ways to teach, ooo~ what do i do....okay form today onward, i promise myself i will do a 1 hour grammar exercise and read back my teaching books..MUST!
okay bubbye for now, my dad is fasting today..i want to make fresh refreshing fruit juice for him :) lovely daughter i am right? teeheehee~ toodles lovelies! ^^