Monday, August 9, 2010

few things...

2morrow (29th shaaban) we'll see if the 'anak bulan' shows itself..positive or not i just want to say good luck and all the best with our holy month of ramadhan this year..may all of us achieve our piece of mind in this holy month by increasing our ibadah by doing tarawih and all the amalan sunat..amin...
BPL season 10/11 will be starting week will be the kickoff game with Liverpool (my beloved team) facing Arsenal.. i'm so scared, eventhough i do have my faith on them, but God knows how terrible they were in last season campaign. hhmm.. you know what, lets just face it, i believe they will perform this year. please Mr. Roy Hodgson, bring us back our Reds Lads.. we really miss the real aggressive them.. cut me open, i'll bled red...
i'm terribly in problem right now..i think, this is because.. before this i used to procrastinate my assignments, so now i have tones and hips and piles of unfinished work. hurm.. no other people to be blame accept for me, myself and i. now, as i type this entry, i'm still working on my dear assignments.. ok i better stop now.
till then, toodles! ainur ya..hwaiting!

it takes two to tango..

yeah...i'll remember that...

Friday, August 6, 2010

you might never know...

i really hope you know..
but not now..
maybe later..
when the time comes..
you might never know..
because you did't even try..
but its ok..
i'm ok with dat..
i'm used to it..
its ok..
you take care ok..
난 당신처럼..