Tuesday, March 8, 2011

congrats Liverpool! i knew this will happen!

again..for the gazillion of times,
congrats boys!
for a very heartwarming result and the hard effort on the pitch,
nice game lads!
a special congrats to our one and only
Dirk Kuyt
for the first hat-trick scored at Anfield,
those goals are well-deserved by you.
you are the HERO.
thanks for making stevie the capt smiles broadly that day
i'd missed those cheerful smiles so much! :)
and for you Luis Suarez,
thanks for giving full dedication towards the club.
thanks for the assist you did to help Kuyt.
we'll be looking forward for you
to score loads and loads of goals for us :)
be happy playing for the club okay?
and oh yeah~
Andy Carroll debuted,
please play well you both!
i had personally congratulates them on twitter.
i just want to update here so that i know,
on 6/3/2011
Liverpool had won against Manchester United..
our biggest enemy, and i'm really proud of my boys :)