Thursday, February 17, 2011

yayy! I found another Mr.Cho

hihihi..hi there!
i promise this will be a short post.
i know i'm way too late to like this guy, but he is so cute i cant help it ;)
people, meet John Cho
(he's super cute right? hehe)
a Korean-American, who is an actor
(hey, Flash Forward series, remember?)
[oh yeah, Harold and Kumar...ppffftt~]
and much more of course~
isnt he cute? (>.<)
eventhough he is quite 'aged' for me
(man! he's 39 this year!)
i dont care! he's cute and he's Cho! hehe :D
but sadly, he's married to a pretty Japanese-American
and had a son :(
lets not fret ainur.. you still have your Cho Kyuhyun
he will soon be...
(pardon for the delusional me peeps, i'm a girl)
okay enough, till then, bye!
note: these pictures are not mine, they are taken from the Google image search engine.