Sunday, April 17, 2011

giving up

i don't know why but i think this picture is so sweet.
even my friends agreed with this statement.
they look so compatible together.
they are very cute right?
can be the next WGM couple.
hihihi >_<
just think about it
kyunur couple..
my friend said i deserve better. she said i have to take care of my heart
i'm trying very hard right now.
okay i don't want to sound desperado here
so i'd take a stand,
i'll quit
i'll give more chance to myself
i'll not restrict myself
i'll find somebody else worth it
the one that will accept me
(distraction1 : cf about Bieber boy)
oh justin bieber, baby you are so sweet..
i wish i'm younger so that it'll not be too embarrassing
fangirling head over heal for you hehe
so i made my decision,
i'll clear up my mind, build some barrier
for this 'so called' feeling..
so that we can be normal friends
but not strangers,
and live happily :)
since you already found someone..
i too will start looking hehe
dont worry, i'll be fine..
i'd made my mind, remember? :D
ayah give me a brilliant idea about writing.
this is his example of story:
a girl, say a teenage girl age maybe 12 or 13
(base on my truth story handling my sister..and myself of course)
np: Super Junior K.R.Y - Fly
so the idea is, write about what this teenage feel, face, and etc..
in a fun n interesting way.
targeted readers: around that age also..
i love the idea, but the fact that i'm not a writer
bugged me.
i feel this very interesting..
okay i tell you what,
what if i give it a try?
sounds good!
i dont know..............what do you think?