Thursday, June 9, 2011

what?? its already June the 9th?!!

i'm chilling..hanging out..resting..relaxing..cooling down..*inhale exhale* haaaaa~ what a holiday..*insert Hawaiian Waikiki song here* i feel a sense of bliss flowing down my nerves system.calm..its nice to be able to chill without pressure of having assignments to be submitted and having to stay up all night to finish them up..yeah i know like everyone is facing the same situation so y'all might as well understand the situation when the time to relax came,, i'm happier than happy! yeayy! :DD well its not like i dont do anything at home, i'm the official maid of honor at my house during holiday okay, but eventhough i have to do all these house chores..i feel happy because i'm home..home is where food will never be short, the house will never be too big, and i will never stop smiling :) its my home..i love my home..home sweet home *lol i'm totally being crappy here* and at home, i gotta be fighting with my annoying spoiled baby sister..this one is veryyy gooood...i got to bully her asking her to do this and that..she never complains but sometimes she makes faces but who cares..hahaha
BUT wait up, oh my..time do fly so this true?! the second week of my so called holiday is getting near to it's end..oh my..i'm so scared..can i literally jump off the highest cliff at Bukit Indah pleaseeeee? *not that high hehe* I'M GETTING NEARER TO MY INTERNSHIP!!! oh this is panic attack..omygod omygod what am I suppose to do?? i'm pretty goddam sure i'm not prepared to face the children..i mean c'mon, i can barely control my anger and my skills of making faces to my own siblings...and and and what about the content of my teaching later?? what am i suppose to teach them? am i good enough? can i control the situation? what if
something bad happen in my class later *touch the wood* oh my...sudden headache..bye!
.eh copppp! *insert happy mood* i just want to tell you..i'm going to the live Liverpool vs. Malaysia game on the 16th July!! weee~ see..i'll sit at the blue colored zone yawwww! again.. a big thanks to my dearest ILYA ELLYNA NOR AZMAL.. I LOVE YOU, YOU KNOW THAT ;) I'M SO SO SO HAPPY!! yah..even though i'm quite nervous with the date because you see..eventhough the game will be held on the 16th but i have the pass to see them training live in front of my naked eyes on the 14th which is for god sake fall on thursday which is a schooling how? *sigh* i'm happy but i'm nervous..what am i suppose to do to?? reckon anything? this my true obsession...the one even before i knew my 15 pretty passion n my life..oh i pray hard every day that the solution will come because i'm not sure what to ask specifically..i just want this problem to be solved..i really really really want to go to watch the players especially Capt Stevie G training on our soil..but i also cant skip school because this is INTERNSHIP, its like working in real, i cant simply skip work..i'll be dead..oh my..please help me Allah...