Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i'll keep this short because i'm not good in saying good bye :'(
ok, so here it goes...
farewell, farewell,
i'll keep your poster on the wall of my heart,
but i shall tear it from the wall of my room,
be happy at the Blues field,
but i should warn you,
you don't look good in blue
so yeah;
we the Reds will fight and prove to you,
even without you, we can do this
this is not a warning letter
but a rather sad note from a supporter,
a die hard fan, who is really hurt right now
good luck and all the best lad
we'll miss you..so much..esp stevie the capt :'(
"his armband prove he was a red, TORRES TORRES
'You'll Never Walk Alone' it said, TORRES TORRES
we bring the lad from the sunny Spain
he get the ball, he scores again
i'll never have the chance to sing this chant at the Kop ='(