Monday, June 27, 2011

on the 9th cloud

its a sunny breezy Monday evening, i'm quite mad my class for today is cancelled and postponed to tomorrow, huh~ okay its the end of June now, July is approaching real soon..i have a mix feeling about July, its the month where i can see my heroes on the pitch of my home soil but it is also the month i will be going to see the children..the first batch of children i will be teaching *goosebumps* omygod whenever this thought strikes me, i'll always get that nervous bone-chilling sensation.. oh my, me being at home without anything related to english accept for spazzing and blogging and watching movies surely is a no helper. i'm scared i might forget the ways to teach, ooo~ what do i do....okay form today onward, i promise myself i will do a 1 hour grammar exercise and read back my teaching books..MUST!
okay bubbye for now, my dad is fasting today..i want to make fresh refreshing fruit juice for him :) lovely daughter i am right? teeheehee~ toodles lovelies! ^^

Monday, June 13, 2011

the sweetest dream (mine!)

call me crazy call me a fool, my dream of them felt so real i classified it as a tale before i was put asleep..the sleeping part was just a condition so that i wont be too sad to see them slipping away from my when i woke up at 11.40 a.m.(i slept at 4 so this is bearable) this morning, i sigh..." was only a dream..." but it was the sweetest dream of them i've ever had. i was so determined to write this here i even scribbled some of the highlights of the dream bcz i was scared that i might forget what happened. shaking...
-the dream-
i was at the Idol Village you know the one in Invisible Youth, so i was walking at the field then slowly i saw bunch of people.THEY ARE CELEBRITIES!! then i was joining them like i was one of them, joking and laughing together..i was i bit confused but i thought in the dream "do they know me? ah nver long as i can be w them w/o feeling awkward" i think i was one of the G7 member cause they always said "yah..please be considerate to the maknae" "give it up to the maknae" and all..and then, you know in every episodes there might have boys as guests right? in this dream, b2ast's dongwoon, FT island's jaejin(i screamed like crazy once i saw him in front of me), SJ's donghae and some other boys i couldnt remember..then this weird thing happened, donghae came to me and hugged me like we knew each other and that we havent met for quite some time, i hugged him back cz i knew this will nver happened again, and then one of the girl, mybe seonhwa i'm not sure said "ah..its nice if i hv boys as members too" and i was like ha? ha? ha? but suddnly my little sister alya came(from nowhere) and whispered to donghae something fishy..and he like it, idk what was i was on a truck like vehicle w kara's hara resting our heads before shooting some more scenes of invisible youth, it was so natural for me that i even feel the tiredness same as her (LOL at this) suddnly, a fangirl came from nowhere w camera in her hands saw us, she went "ohmygod..are you sj's seo young and kara's hara? can i have some pictures? *CLICK CLICK CLICK* and then she ran away giggling" but then in the dream, i recalled back what the fangirl has said..SUPER JUNIOR's SEO YOUNG????????? shiiiiiittttttttt! i was one of them! its getting clearer! the only girl in sj! the new member! my heart goes dup dap dup dap dap DAP DAP DAP!! its going to explode and i'm crying silently there, maybe hara noticed i was dumbstruck like that so she hugged me and said "its okay..its okay" suddenly someone w a hoodie came near to me,when he came near me, i saw his face, its long lose sj's KIBUM!! i jumped from the truck and flew to hug him so tight! and plant a peck on his cheek.. it was my 1st hug as a sj member yawww! i asked him in one long breath "where hv u been? do u missed us? r u having fun making dramas and films? hows ur little sister (same age as me)?? u know u can always share to me ur problems right? and his tears strolled down his cheeks greedily in big lumps, i cant stand seeing him like that so i cried even harder and then he said "sshhh...its okay..i'm alright...shhhhh dont cry..." and then i realized that this is only a dream so must make it fast to see all of the boys before i woke up..i asked kibum where are the other members, he pointed at the changing/preparation room nearby that have a big "SUPER JUNIOR" sign in front of the door..we walked together towards the room hand in hand, he was smiling brightly like he was about to deliver a real big surprise to the boys..when i first walked in, the previously noisy room turned to a pin drop silent situation..everybody was looking at me w an astonished reaction,oh i can still remember them,,then shindong came to me and said "we missed you so much baby" and i replied w tears strolling down my cheeks "i missed you too" and hugged him,then i went to hug leeteuk(the leader), he jz smiled, his smile was so beatiful i cried again and said "sorry to make you worried so much, the invisible youth production didnt let me go home these 2 weeks" i dont know from where i got that idea but maybe its true LOL like maybe i hv to finish up recording all the episodes of the season before i'm allowed to go home..right? then i saw hangeng and waved to him (oh we're awkward even in the dream, i smiled) and then i saw heechul from the back (he sit backing me up,err how to say) at the corner of the room, listening to songs form his ipod, isolating himself as usual not knowing i'm i went towards him and hugged him from his first he was like surprised then maybe jz maybe bcz of the familiar scent of me, he glanced to the side where my face was at, smiled, and bite my right cheek! "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! HEECHUL OPPA!!" i screamed..he laughed hard at the bite mark..oh heechul~i'm all teary again..then i went to hug sungmin w his cute pink checked shirt n thats when i saw prince..(oh my god i'm literally teary right now) he jz came in the door w yesung and ryeowook at his sides..shocked but smiling that evilish cute smile while walking towards me,i was nervous,flustered, and every emotions in the world just run into my body kicking every organs in it real hard, i swear i was about to faint(lol in a dream) when he catched me and hugged me , "i missed you so much honey" he said half whispering and give me the sweetest softest most beatiful kiss on my lips. it was jz in-a-blink-of-an-eye moment bt i closed my eyes and hold his hands tight to cherish the moment cz i know this dream will stop any moment now. then yesung came from kyuhyun's back and gv him a knock on his head hard "stop it you fool! we missed her too!" we burst into a big laugh..hahahah!! then i saw kangin at the other side of the room smiling at me and suddenly "nur! bangunlah! dah nak pukul 12 jap lagi ibu balik!" my big brother yelled, i tried to continue the dream but i kept hearing the sounds of my brother's steps besides i decided to wake up,write some draft about what really happened, and do this post..this is not something to brag about, just want to keep the memory safely here and will never be lost..the things that i regretted from this dream are i failed to look for each of the members and tell them how much i missed and love them. i'm so sorry siwon n eunhyuk for not seeing both of u in the dream at all, sorry to ryeowook, yesung, and kangin i didnt make it to hug and say i love you..sorry to hangeng i was awkward to you even in the dream bt i want you to know i love you just as much as the others.. and sorry to my love cho kyuhyun, sorry you appeared in my dream right before it finished, i'm sorry boys...i'm glad you guys accepted me to be one of the member of Super Junior even it was only in a dream...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

what?? its already June the 9th?!!

i'm chilling..hanging out..resting..relaxing..cooling down..*inhale exhale* haaaaa~ what a holiday..*insert Hawaiian Waikiki song here* i feel a sense of bliss flowing down my nerves system.calm..its nice to be able to chill without pressure of having assignments to be submitted and having to stay up all night to finish them up..yeah i know like everyone is facing the same situation so y'all might as well understand the situation when the time to relax came,, i'm happier than happy! yeayy! :DD well its not like i dont do anything at home, i'm the official maid of honor at my house during holiday okay, but eventhough i have to do all these house chores..i feel happy because i'm home..home is where food will never be short, the house will never be too big, and i will never stop smiling :) its my home..i love my home..home sweet home *lol i'm totally being crappy here* and at home, i gotta be fighting with my annoying spoiled baby sister..this one is veryyy gooood...i got to bully her asking her to do this and that..she never complains but sometimes she makes faces but who cares..hahaha
BUT wait up, oh my..time do fly so this true?! the second week of my so called holiday is getting near to it's end..oh my..i'm so scared..can i literally jump off the highest cliff at Bukit Indah pleaseeeee? *not that high hehe* I'M GETTING NEARER TO MY INTERNSHIP!!! oh this is panic attack..omygod omygod what am I suppose to do?? i'm pretty goddam sure i'm not prepared to face the children..i mean c'mon, i can barely control my anger and my skills of making faces to my own siblings...and and and what about the content of my teaching later?? what am i suppose to teach them? am i good enough? can i control the situation? what if
something bad happen in my class later *touch the wood* oh my...sudden headache..bye!
.eh copppp! *insert happy mood* i just want to tell you..i'm going to the live Liverpool vs. Malaysia game on the 16th July!! weee~ see..i'll sit at the blue colored zone yawwww! again.. a big thanks to my dearest ILYA ELLYNA NOR AZMAL.. I LOVE YOU, YOU KNOW THAT ;) I'M SO SO SO HAPPY!! yah..even though i'm quite nervous with the date because you see..eventhough the game will be held on the 16th but i have the pass to see them training live in front of my naked eyes on the 14th which is for god sake fall on thursday which is a schooling how? *sigh* i'm happy but i'm nervous..what am i suppose to do to?? reckon anything? this my true obsession...the one even before i knew my 15 pretty passion n my life..oh i pray hard every day that the solution will come because i'm not sure what to ask specifically..i just want this problem to be solved..i really really really want to go to watch the players especially Capt Stevie G training on our soil..but i also cant skip school because this is INTERNSHIP, its like working in real, i cant simply skip work..i'll be dead..oh my..please help me Allah...