Saturday, October 16, 2010

my fault yea my fault

haha! screw me! i kept on reminding myself that yesterday was elly's n today is nobody's. the whole day i tried to do something and anything NOT related to this topic. eventually, i did actually forget about today but because of this screw moment: i was happily browsing my facebook and then on the side bar, birthday: his name . nice one facebook! you did screw up my plan! hahaha! i cant forget the date. its like it already stuck in my memory FOREVER. please~ i need a break... oh and you know what i did when i realized that today is his birthday? this is the silliest part i think. i TEXT MESSAGE him! *shit!* ''happy birthday! may Allah bless you! have a blast one k'' with a big smiley. hahaha! :'(
maybe some of you will say, whats the big deal? its only a wish. yeah true. its only a wish,but whenever i accidently think about anything related to him, i feel the pain. a stabbing pain. so painful i can hardly breath. you didn't know so shut the hell up!
ok i'm totally not prepared for multimedia paper. scared. enough said.
''i'm just a little too not over you"