Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's my long awaited event

16th July 2011 has ended :')
and nobody can force me on what to do and what to wear, its my dream from long time ago, my day, my joy, my happiness, you will not understand this, all 'you' do is bash people without even think about it, 'you' are a good sample of immature people out there, actually i've known your attitude and i'm not bothered about it much before but for you to make such a statement about my love towards Liverpool and questioning my loyalty towards Malaysia, that is just too much, because you see, if you are not clear about this, since you are a baby in this subject, Liverpool is an EPL CLUB which i happen to love and when i love something i love it very dearly,that is a fact, and Malaysia is my COUNTRY where i was born and live happily until now, that is also a fact, why questioning a pure blooded Malaysian like me who love peace so much for this country i will do anything for Malaysia. would you do that? i dont think so
of course i wore red bcs thats the reason i bought the ticket, this is the first time they set their feet on this pitch of Bukit Jalil, i want to be seen in red, you cant argue my trust on Malaysian team just bcs i didnt wear blue/yellow, bcs Malaysia is in my blood, it streamed in my body and pumped in each of my heart beats. you should have known this. and for every goals for both of the team, i celebrated them with a scream on top of my lungs, each of the nine goals that night, without a single hint of biased, and when Liverpool scored, i started to scream ''go Malaysia!" louder just to make them feel boosted eventhough they cant hear me, am i that bad for a Malaysian? i'll answer it, NO! bcs you just didnt know!
ahh..i'm pissed of for 'nothing' like you, you just wont understand this, just forget it my dear self, how can you not be mesmerized by this beautiful scene, an endless sea of red in my home soil stadium, it really felt like stadium of Anfiled that evening, and for me this is an honor bcs i know, it is still long way to go to make it to the real Anfield so this is very special to me. you really cant questioned my love and loyalty towards these two team, its a two different world and i will shed two different tears if these two is vanished from my life.
p/s: my internship will start just around the corner but nothing about it from the school to the place to stay is confirmed, i'm dissapointed with my university.