Friday, March 4, 2011

to be or not to be...

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have you ever heard of a book called 'the exchange'?
well, i'd finish reading the book recently,
its about a teenage boy who had lost his parents because of a car accident.
he is an addicted reader, you know what i mean?
he likes to read story books, no matter what can be anything..
it can be a pirates fighting with a six-legged platypus,
a fairy princess who is on the road to find her true love(sounds cheesy right)
a battle between 2 kingdoms that results to be an epic war
wizards and witchcraft, full of chants and spells
it can be everything.
as long as it is a story, fictional one.
but he sucks in writing, people said the more you read, the more you ca
n write.
but he found out that he cant write, he'd try to write..but nothing came out from his mind to the paper. so he decided. he classify himself to be
a reader, not a writer.
the thing i like about the boy is, i think i have the same problem with him.
i like reading books, story books, biography, autobiography, history, literature,
you name it.
i'd once tried to write. a so-called love story
but i found out i dont have a proper ending for it.
so i left it unfinished half done.
i suppose i have to stick to be only a reader.
i feel excellent being one.
*now playing: Super Junior-Marry You
i know, you never see me as a girl, a girl you'd be attracted to
you be friend with me because
i'm a good listener,you can easily share things with me
do you know that i only be a good listener
to whom i love? and care?
you didn't know right..i guess u'll never know..
and whats that suppose to mean ainur?
are you saying here, you love him?
cut that crap sweetheart, you'll hurt yourself.
i'll listen to my mind..
but what about my heart?
i pity her, i always ignore her,
sometimes i feel guilty..but this is for her own good.
never mind..being friend is more than enough
as long as theres reasons to talk to him
cheesy much lah ainur..
*now playing: Super Junior-Shining Star
oh its freaking 15 days to go!!!!!
my true loves are coming to Malaysia!
boys...embrace me, kiss me, surround me,fill me in with lots of your love
the 13 or at least 10 of you
and makes me happy that day, ok?
especially you, Cho Kyuhyun :)