Sunday, January 30, 2011

autumn in my heart

yes..this is the feeling i'm having bright, so breezy, so light..i'm not good at this but i can feel it..i can feel the emotion and the mood..i know..its quite pathetic for me to feel this way but i cant help it..i'm so happy i can smile in my sleep..yes people..i'm so in love..i'm in love with him..oh this is so cheesy..not that he loves me back..but who cares..can i at least be happy of what he had done for me tonight? oh i didn't tell you right? he sang for it? he did sing for tell me,how on earth a girl NOT be falling head over heals when a boy sing for her? oh the sweetest song ever..the truth is, i still like him..and when he did things like this i cant help but to fall even more for him..can i? can i? i know everything about that girl but i really cant stop my feeling towards him..its like,the more i tried,the more it wont leave my heart..
this is the lyrics of the song:
-It's hard for me to say "Thanks" or "Bye" to You
All I can say to you is "Thank You" or "Thanks so much"
eveything is brand new to me, so I'm a little unsure
How should I say it? It's still really awkward
Even today, I worry about it
Hopefully we'll be able to have a "Banmal Relationship"
even though its stil kind of awkward
rather than saying "gomawoyo" (thank you)
let me hear more intimate words
We can have a "Banmal Relationship"
one step at a time, slowly walk closer
look at me in the eye
can you tell me "I love You"
its hard being a secret admirer...
thanks for the song chingu, gomawo =)
and btw, this song is from yonghwa and seohyun, wgm couple~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sleep talking

"my mind is so full right now that i don't even realize i was doing all these silly things..i mean, what did i think? how can i be that foolish? am i that stupid? oh please..."
>i should be hitting the sack now..sleeping, dozing over..but instead, i'm here..i couldn't shut my eyes close as i saw tons of awaiting problems as soon as i closed them..well not problems..things in life that need to be solve..oh i'm so miserable now..what am i suppose to do? is this worrying over unnecessary things like one of my lecturer always said? i don't think so...i think i'm definitely worrying over certainly necessary important things..things that make my life..they are what people live for..what people need in their life..their soul nourisher..its not love i'm talking about here..its many things all of you disregard because of love..
>and you! i don't give a damn about what you are thinking of her! i don't like you like i did pathetic little loser! i wish you can read this, loser! now my hatred isn't for her anymore but more to that annoying fuzzy feelings towards sore loser! clever me huh? i can control thought me fool! set a barrier, remember? thanks by the way
>"sometimes..just sometimes, i can be so sickly annoyed by the people i love the most..not necessarily a guy, it can be family or friends"
>please.....i'm so tired right now...