Sunday, February 20, 2011

this is it! :')

i'm one step away from my dream.
ooo my God
i'm all teary just by thinking of it
thats all i should say,
many times of it,
even its not that appropriate, you know..
being too happy for things like this,
going to a concert~
but its my dream and its once in a life time
i'll take this as a life experience
that can make me see things in a broader, more matured way
i'll be celebrating my 20th years of life 10 days after the concert
and ends my teen years
so yeah
this is surely the biggest, most precious birthday present I've ever had
a friend i treasured from i-know-nothing until now, still.
nurilya ellyna,, ELLY :')
i just want you to know, its not the ticket that makes me feel happy today,
its the thought,
the thought that you want to include me in this beautiful life experience
i could't help but to be all teary after you awarded me
with this great big surprise.
i feel so honored buddy.
you have all the thanks in the world from me
thanks Allah..thank you so much, you gave me a chance
to feel this tiny, little bit, of all the beautiful things
that you've created in this world
i feel blessed
even prettier, to experience it first hand with my buddy
the journey is yet to start,
i'll be doing countdowns for the time to come
bare with me readers
i'm a fangirl remember? ;)
now, i must be concentrating on my u-works
my upcoming exams
i'll be doing my very best to show to the boys that i'm working hard too,
just like them!
quoted by my buddy
"for now, there are TWO things in my life,
exams and this concert, only these two"

Friday, February 18, 2011


hopefully everything will be alright,
i'll be praying hard,
keeping my finger cross for anything bad to happen.
tomorrow is the key to my dream and its all depending on my buddy elly.
i wish you good luck and all the best
may our dream comes true
cant wait cant wait!
oh warning peeps, i might be bragging about something
real soon..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

yayy! I found another Mr.Cho

hihihi..hi there!
i promise this will be a short post.
i know i'm way too late to like this guy, but he is so cute i cant help it ;)
people, meet John Cho
(he's super cute right? hehe)
a Korean-American, who is an actor
(hey, Flash Forward series, remember?)
[oh yeah, Harold and Kumar...ppffftt~]
and much more of course~
isnt he cute? (>.<)
eventhough he is quite 'aged' for me
(man! he's 39 this year!)
i dont care! he's cute and he's Cho! hehe :D
but sadly, he's married to a pretty Japanese-American
and had a son :(
lets not fret ainur.. you still have your Cho Kyuhyun
he will soon be...
(pardon for the delusional me peeps, i'm a girl)
okay enough, till then, bye!
note: these pictures are not mine, they are taken from the Google image search engine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

love hunting

okay people, i'm so bored today i should have agree with arifah
to go to time square today.
screw me..ungrateful child!
haih~ there, i did it again..its not like i dont have homework to do
or what
but i really dont have the mood to do it..not today..
how nice...
shopping, maybe watching movie and all
the problem here is not like i dont want to go out,
but when we go out we tend to spend money
but i have to count every penny to be sacrificed
because i really want to go to that
hhhmmm..just forget about it ainur..
this is for the sake of the boys..
patience is all you need :)
another lame post i know..
p/s: i really really really want to hunt, but i know i'm not fully equipped

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

had my eyes wide open, why would they open?

oh this is just a random picture of the match
*the thorn among the roses, The Blues among The Reds*
well you know problems will never run out of ideas on how to be problematic.
they are just too absorbed with what they are doing.
i supposed if they are tired of being a problem,
then they will become more like a helper...
oh lame lah ainur~
bla bla bla
oh ya people, i have something to brag about here
*not that anyone ever read my blog, but who cares*
i got A- for my micro teaching practice man~
i'm so proud of myself
(and my group mates of course,without them i'm nothing)
seriously people..
do you know how hard to plan a lesson plan?
it is so hard that we felt very dry,used,tired, exhausted,
after finished planning ONE lesson plan
and and and..
not to mention controlling a class full of
a bunch of young adult pretending to be standard 4 students
i'm just thankful it when out well
hmm..oh! i really really really really really
want to go
that concert!
19th March 2011
being in this beautiful sapphire blue sea
holding banners, light sticks, and dream
ah~my dream
a once in a life time dream
my life.
please strength..
please be strong enough
i'm begging you
please do whatever it takes
to fulfill this lifetime mission
i promise you i wont ask for any other thing this year
hopefully my dream will come true
i really have to sleep now
but i really cant put my eyes shut
yeah yeah
i'm trying right now

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy birthday cho kyuhyun love =)

hopefully you'll get all the things you want in this world
stay healthy
love your hyungs as much as they love you
be successful in everything you do
i love you
i love you
i love you
forever and ever
hope you will be happy hey! its your day
saranghae cho kyuhyun oppa =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i'll keep this short because i'm not good in saying good bye :'(
ok, so here it goes...
farewell, farewell,
i'll keep your poster on the wall of my heart,
but i shall tear it from the wall of my room,
be happy at the Blues field,
but i should warn you,
you don't look good in blue
so yeah;
we the Reds will fight and prove to you,
even without you, we can do this
this is not a warning letter
but a rather sad note from a supporter,
a die hard fan, who is really hurt right now
good luck and all the best lad
we'll miss much..esp stevie the capt :'(
"his armband prove he was a red, TORRES TORRES
'You'll Never Walk Alone' it said, TORRES TORRES
we bring the lad from the sunny Spain
he get the ball, he scores again
i'll never have the chance to sing this chant at the Kop ='(