Friday, May 28, 2010

revenge of the furry creature!

I watched Furry Vengeance with Arifah, Farah, and Ika last Wednesday at Jusco Bukit Raja..
hilarious funney movie indeed :D hahahaha!!
good for relaxing your mind...
but thats not what i want to write here ;)
BEFORE the movie started, we went to Jusco (downstairs) and buy ice cream.. :)
and we manage to smuggle it to the movie theater!!
so proud with ourself.. ngeeee~ :D
during the movie, we were so busy passing the ice cream until the guys behind us notice it
and started talking about us
"sempat lagi seludup masuk ice cream! besar pulak tu! huiyo~Baskin Robbin!"
(padahal Walls je :P)
hahaha! a very fun outing with the girls..hehe..
with Ika having a nice shopping spree (got all she wanted, shoes, baju and bag..WOWW!)
while Farah and me being a good(angelic) sister bought baju for our adik(s)[70% off] hehehe..good trick! was indeed a fun and relaxing outing
not to forget eating at Johnny's like a monster (hyperbole..we are all wanita melayu terakhir)
thnks girls! I had fun that day!
till then.. toodles~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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  • hello...hello people :) remember me?
  • nowadays i don't feel like blogging.. i don't know y.. mybe bz+lzy :D
  • hurm, just finish my methods of teaching's paper last Monday(i love my Lesson Plan!) n yet hv to face critical appreciation this saturday.. still studying,,
  • try to understand the whole plot, themes, characterizations, foreshadowing, symbolisms, etc. etc. etc..
  • short stories : Everyday Use, Piece of String, Gimpel the Fool, and Old Man With Enormous Wing..
  • wish me luck guys! thanks a whole bunch! :)
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