Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's my long awaited event

16th July 2011 has ended :')
and nobody can force me on what to do and what to wear, its my dream from long time ago, my day, my joy, my happiness, you will not understand this, all 'you' do is bash people without even think about it, 'you' are a good sample of immature people out there, actually i've known your attitude and i'm not bothered about it much before but for you to make such a statement about my love towards Liverpool and questioning my loyalty towards Malaysia, that is just too much, because you see, if you are not clear about this, since you are a baby in this subject, Liverpool is an EPL CLUB which i happen to love and when i love something i love it very dearly,that is a fact, and Malaysia is my COUNTRY where i was born and live happily until now, that is also a fact, why questioning a pure blooded Malaysian like me who love peace so much for this country i will do anything for Malaysia. would you do that? i dont think so
of course i wore red bcs thats the reason i bought the ticket, this is the first time they set their feet on this pitch of Bukit Jalil, i want to be seen in red, you cant argue my trust on Malaysian team just bcs i didnt wear blue/yellow, bcs Malaysia is in my blood, it streamed in my body and pumped in each of my heart beats. you should have known this. and for every goals for both of the team, i celebrated them with a scream on top of my lungs, each of the nine goals that night, without a single hint of biased, and when Liverpool scored, i started to scream ''go Malaysia!" louder just to make them feel boosted eventhough they cant hear me, am i that bad for a Malaysian? i'll answer it, NO! bcs you just didnt know!
ahh..i'm pissed of for 'nothing' like you, you just wont understand this, just forget it my dear self, how can you not be mesmerized by this beautiful scene, an endless sea of red in my home soil stadium, it really felt like stadium of Anfiled that evening, and for me this is an honor bcs i know, it is still long way to go to make it to the real Anfield so this is very special to me. you really cant questioned my love and loyalty towards these two team, its a two different world and i will shed two different tears if these two is vanished from my life.
p/s: my internship will start just around the corner but nothing about it from the school to the place to stay is confirmed, i'm dissapointed with my university.

Monday, June 27, 2011

on the 9th cloud

its a sunny breezy Monday evening, i'm quite mad my class for today is cancelled and postponed to tomorrow, huh~ okay its the end of June now, July is approaching real soon..i have a mix feeling about July, its the month where i can see my heroes on the pitch of my home soil but it is also the month i will be going to see the children..the first batch of children i will be teaching *goosebumps* omygod whenever this thought strikes me, i'll always get that nervous bone-chilling sensation.. oh my, me being at home without anything related to english accept for spazzing and blogging and watching movies surely is a no helper. i'm scared i might forget the ways to teach, ooo~ what do i do....okay form today onward, i promise myself i will do a 1 hour grammar exercise and read back my teaching books..MUST!
okay bubbye for now, my dad is fasting today..i want to make fresh refreshing fruit juice for him :) lovely daughter i am right? teeheehee~ toodles lovelies! ^^

Monday, June 13, 2011

the sweetest dream (mine!)

call me crazy call me a fool, my dream of them felt so real i classified it as a tale before i was put asleep..the sleeping part was just a condition so that i wont be too sad to see them slipping away from my arms..so when i woke up at 11.40 a.m.(i slept at 4 so this is bearable) this morning, i sigh..."oh..it was only a dream..." but it was the sweetest dream of them i've ever had. i was so determined to write this here i even scribbled some of the highlights of the dream bcz i was scared that i might forget what happened. shaking...
-the dream-
i was at the Idol Village you know the one in Invisible Youth, so i was walking at the field then slowly i saw bunch of people.THEY ARE CELEBRITIES!! then i was joining them like i was one of them, joking and laughing together..i was i bit confused but i thought in the dream "do they know me? ah nver mind..as long as i can be w them w/o feeling awkward" i think i was one of the G7 members..new member cause they always said "yah..please be considerate to the maknae" "give it up to the maknae" and all..and then, you know in every episodes there might have boys as guests right? in this dream, b2ast's dongwoon, FT island's jaejin(i screamed like crazy once i saw him in front of me), SJ's donghae and some other boys i couldnt remember..then this weird thing happened, donghae came to me and hugged me like we knew each other and that we havent met for quite some time, i hugged him back cz i knew this will nver happened again, and then one of the girl, mybe seonhwa i'm not sure said "ah..its nice if i hv boys as members too" and i was like ha? ha? ha? but suddnly my little sister alya came(from nowhere) and whispered to donghae something fishy..and he like it, idk what was it..next i was on a truck like vehicle w kara's hara resting our heads before shooting some more scenes of invisible youth, it was so natural for me that i even feel the tiredness same as her (LOL at this) suddnly, a fangirl came from nowhere w camera in her hands saw us, she went "ohmygod..are you sj's seo young and kara's hara? can i have some pictures? *CLICK CLICK CLICK* and then she ran away giggling" but then in the dream, i recalled back what the fangirl has said..SUPER JUNIOR's SEO YOUNG????????? shiiiiiittttttttt! i was one of them! its getting clearer! the only girl in sj! the new member! my heart goes dup dap dup dap dap DAP DAP DAP!! its going to explode and i'm crying silently there, maybe hara noticed i was dumbstruck like that so she hugged me and said "its okay..its okay" suddenly someone w a hoodie came near to me,when he came near me, i saw his face, its long lose sj's KIBUM!! i jumped from the truck and flew to hug him so tight! and plant a peck on his cheek.. it was my 1st hug as a sj member yawww! i asked him in one long breath "where hv u been? do u missed us? r u having fun making dramas and films? hows ur little sister (same age as me)?? u know u can always share to me ur problems right? and his tears strolled down his cheeks greedily in big lumps, i cant stand seeing him like that so i cried even harder and then he said "sshhh...its okay..i'm alright...shhhhh dont cry..." and then i realized that this is only a dream so must make it fast to see all of the boys before i woke up..i asked kibum where are the other members, he pointed at the changing/preparation room nearby that have a big "SUPER JUNIOR" sign in front of the door..we walked together towards the room hand in hand, he was smiling brightly like he was about to deliver a real big surprise to the boys..when i first walked in, the previously noisy room turned to a pin drop silent situation..everybody was looking at me w an astonished reaction,oh i can still remember them,,then shindong came to me and said "we missed you so much baby" and i replied w tears strolling down my cheeks "i missed you too" and hugged him,then i went to hug leeteuk(the leader), he jz smiled, his smile was so beatiful i cried again and said "sorry to make you worried so much, the invisible youth production didnt let me go home these 2 weeks" i dont know from where i got that idea but maybe its true LOL like maybe i hv to finish up recording all the episodes of the season before i'm allowed to go home..right? then i saw hangeng and waved to him (oh we're awkward even in the dream, i smiled) and then i saw heechul from the back (he sit backing me up,err how to say) at the corner of the room, listening to songs form his ipod, isolating himself as usual not knowing i'm back..so i went towards him and hugged him from his back..at first he was like surprised then maybe jz maybe bcz of the familiar scent of me, he glanced to the side where my face was at, smiled, and bite my right cheek! "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! HEECHUL OPPA!!" i screamed..he laughed hard at the bite mark..oh heechul~i'm all teary again..then i went to hug sungmin w his cute pink checked shirt n thats when i saw him..my prince..(oh my god i'm literally teary right now) he jz came in the door w yesung and ryeowook at his sides..shocked but smiling that evilish cute smile while walking towards me,i was nervous,flustered, and every emotions in the world just run into my body kicking every organs in it real hard, i swear i was about to faint(lol in a dream) when he catched me and hugged me , "i missed you so much honey" he said half whispering and give me the sweetest softest most beatiful kiss on my lips. it was jz in-a-blink-of-an-eye moment bt i closed my eyes and hold his hands tight to cherish the moment cz i know this dream will stop any moment now. then yesung came from kyuhyun's back and gv him a knock on his head hard "stop it you fool! we missed her too!" we burst into a big laugh..hahahah!! then i saw kangin at the other side of the room smiling at me and suddenly "nur! bangunlah! dah nak pukul 12 jap lagi ibu balik!" my big brother yelled, i tried to continue the dream but i kept hearing the sounds of my brother's steps besides me..huh..so i decided to wake up,write some draft about what really happened, and do this post..this is not something to brag about, just want to keep the memory safely here and will never be lost..the things that i regretted from this dream are i failed to look for each of the members and tell them how much i missed and love them. i'm so sorry siwon n eunhyuk for not seeing both of u in the dream at all, sorry to ryeowook, yesung, and kangin i didnt make it to hug and say i love you..sorry to hangeng i was awkward to you even in the dream bt i want you to know i love you just as much as the others.. and sorry to my love cho kyuhyun, sorry you appeared in my dream right before it finished, i'm sorry boys...i'm glad you guys accepted me to be one of the member of Super Junior even it was only in a dream...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

what?? its already June the 9th?!!

i'm chilling..hanging out..resting..relaxing..cooling down..*inhale exhale* haaaaa~ what a holiday..*insert Hawaiian Waikiki song here* i feel a sense of bliss flowing down my nerves system.calm..its nice to be able to chill without pressure of having assignments to be submitted and having to stay up all night to finish them up..yeah i know like everyone is facing the same situation so y'all might as well understand the situation right..so when the time to relax came,, i'm happier than happy! yeayy! :DD well its not like i dont do anything at home, i'm the official maid of honor at my house during holiday okay, but eventhough i have to do all these house chores..i feel happy because i'm home..home is where food will never be short, the house will never be too big, and i will never stop smiling :) its my home..i love my home..home sweet home *lol i'm totally being crappy here* and at home, i gotta be fighting with my annoying spoiled baby sister..this one is veryyy gooood...i got to bully her asking her to do this and that..she never complains but sometimes she makes faces but who cares..hahaha
BUT wait up, oh my..time do fly so fast..is this true?! the second week of my so called holiday is getting near to it's end..oh my..i'm so scared..can i literally jump off the highest cliff at Bukit Indah pleaseeeee? *not that high hehe* I'M GETTING NEARER TO MY INTERNSHIP!!! oh this is panic attack..omygod omygod what am I suppose to do?? i'm pretty goddam sure i'm not prepared to face the children..i mean c'mon, i can barely control my anger and my skills of making faces to my own siblings...and and and what about the content of my teaching later?? what am i suppose to teach them? am i good enough? can i control the situation? what if
something bad happen in my class later *touch the wood* oh my...sudden headache..bye!
.eh copppp! *insert happy mood* i just want to tell you..i'm going to the live Liverpool vs. Malaysia game on the 16th July!! weee~ see..i'll sit at the blue colored zone yawwww! again.. a big thanks to my dearest ILYA ELLYNA NOR AZMAL.. I LOVE YOU, YOU KNOW THAT ;) I'M SO SO SO HAPPY!! yah..even though i'm quite nervous with the date because you see..eventhough the game will be held on the 16th but i have the pass to see them training live in front of my naked eyes on the 14th which is for god sake fall on thursday which is a schooling day..so how? *sigh* i'm happy but i'm nervous..what am i suppose to do to?? reckon anything? this my true obsession...the one even before i knew my 15 pretty boys..my passion n my life..oh i pray hard every day that the solution will come because i'm not sure what to ask specifically..i just want this problem to be solved..i really really really want to go to watch the players especially Capt Stevie G training on our soil..but i also cant skip school because this is INTERNSHIP, its like working in real, i cant simply skip work..i'll be dead..oh my..please help me Allah...

Monday, May 9, 2011

i can do this!

just few more freaking days before the time disappear, vanished as thin air..so i must work hard! play less! focus more! pray for me friends..i'm in desperate need,thank you in advance
p/s: this picture made my day..happy mother's day : )
especially to ibu dearest, you know i love you so mucho mucho!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


he is so lonely...he wrote things like this on his twitter..
"Sometimes, it's easier to think that there is no one around me. Whether it be a fan or a friend.. Maybe it's better to have pain in a place where you love rather than have hatred in a place where you are loved.. In the end, you are alone even if you live and you are still alone if you die. Since long time ago, I've been thinking that I have been deserted. Now, thinking that I have to make it as it goes is. " .
Source: Heechul Twitter
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
its funny you know, when we really love our favorite artists to the point that we think we can feel their pain but feel completely hopeless when it comes to how can we help them,i cant do much and thats sadden shit out of me, i love them so much..i never love artists as much as this. be strong heechul shii..be strong boys..be strong Super Junior..ELFs will always be there for you..watching you from far if you really want to be alone..saranghamnida :')

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

annoyed much!

i find it a little bit disturbing+annoying when you always talk about the not-so-good side of people you don't like and tell the whole world about it..please..i see no difference between you and those people!
and oh yeah dearest readers...please pray for my exam? thanks! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

giving up

i don't know why but i think this picture is so sweet.
even my friends agreed with this statement.
they look so compatible together.
they are very cute right?
can be the next WGM couple.
hihihi >_<
just think about it
kyunur couple..
my friend said i deserve better. she said i have to take care of my heart
i'm trying very hard right now.
okay i don't want to sound desperado here
so i'd take a stand,
i'll quit
i'll give more chance to myself
i'll not restrict myself
i'll find somebody else worth it
the one that will accept me
(distraction1 : cf about Bieber boy)
oh justin bieber, baby you are so sweet..
i wish i'm younger so that it'll not be too embarrassing
fangirling head over heal for you hehe
so i made my decision,
i'll clear up my mind, build some barrier
for this 'so called' feeling..
so that we can be normal friends
but not strangers,
and live happily :)
since you already found someone..
i too will start looking hehe
dont worry, i'll be fine..
i'd made my mind, remember? :D
ayah give me a brilliant idea about writing.
this is his example of story:
a girl, say a teenage girl age maybe 12 or 13
(base on my truth story handling my sister..and myself of course)
np: Super Junior K.R.Y - Fly
so the idea is, write about what this teenage feel, face, and etc..
in a fun n interesting way.
targeted readers: around that age also..
i love the idea, but the fact that i'm not a writer
bugged me.
i feel this very interesting..
okay i tell you what,
what if i give it a try?
sounds good!
i dont know..............what do you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

mushroom garden

hello readers..i know..its been a while..but i really2 am busy with my studies now, the last semester before going to practicum, hectic but i love the discipline. i'm having this idea to write this at this place called *title of the post* haha
the reason why i'm dying to write now is you know when you are really annoyed with a person, you tend to forget that you are a human. sounds mean..but hey, thats how i feel now..pretty much boiled up to head..i dont know for others, but for me, its quite pathetic for a girl to behave like that with a group of boys. that just not right. professionally and ethically...please lah..we were in a class, behave like one. i dont give a sh*t if you want to show your so called 'affections' towards the boys OUTSIDE the class but in the class? where everyone can see you? thats just how it eeeeeuuuuwwww me like h*ll! i know..i know..you are a bright student with result i never had but that doesnt mean u dont need the knowledge..OR if you really think you dont need the knowledge, can you please consider other people? people who really want to have that knowledge to at least dream to have result as yours..*sigh*
okay...so you n I both are in awkward period or what? i cant stand this you know..i really2 want everything to be as normal as it can be, if you can act like a normal person towards her..why cant i act normal towards you? the thing is here now..you are acting like an alien towards me, how am i suppose to cope with that? its been 3 weeks you know, since you last talked with me in a normal way..is it because of that 4496 seconds of talk time? if it is because of that than dont you ever think about that night anymore..i just want the old you, who are not awkward and shy or something shitty like that..i dont like it. it makes me feel far from you..please..act the normal you towards me..i miss you :'(
okay so i felt so much more relieved now than before..thanks blog..i owe you one..now i must continue my life..thanks guys..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

running out of mood

we meet again :)
haih..y laa ainur..y u no study??
seriously people..i dont hv not the slightest tiniest mood to study
not that i'm fully prepared
i just,
i cant focus on the notes anymore
my mind is like flying away..drifting..
to the other corner of the world.
i feel guilty to myself but i cant help it
i hope after this, after i take my bath, i will hv some mood
(i already take my bath ok)
okay...here it come again
those fuzzy feeling about being at the concert
cant wait!! cant wait!!
1 more freakin day~~
dont envy me people,
i'm born this month.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

congrats Liverpool! i knew this will happen!

again..for the gazillion of times,
congrats boys!
for a very heartwarming result and the hard effort on the pitch,
nice game lads!
a special congrats to our one and only
Dirk Kuyt
for the first hat-trick scored at Anfield,
those goals are well-deserved by you.
you are the HERO.
thanks for making stevie the capt smiles broadly that day
i'd missed those cheerful smiles so much! :)
and for you Luis Suarez,
thanks for giving full dedication towards the club.
thanks for the assist you did to help Kuyt.
we'll be looking forward for you
to score loads and loads of goals for us :)
be happy playing for the club okay?
and oh yeah~
Andy Carroll debuted,
please play well you both!
i had personally congratulates them on twitter.
i just want to update here so that i know,
on 6/3/2011
Liverpool had won against Manchester United..
our biggest enemy, and i'm really proud of my boys :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

to be or not to be...

mood: none
have you ever heard of a book called 'the exchange'?
well, i'd finish reading the book recently,
its about a teenage boy who had lost his parents because of a car accident.
he is an addicted reader, you know what i mean?
he likes to read story books, no matter what story..it can be anything..
it can be a pirates fighting with a six-legged platypus,
a fairy princess who is on the road to find her true love(sounds cheesy right)
a battle between 2 kingdoms that results to be an epic war
wizards and witchcraft, full of chants and spells
it can be everything.
as long as it is a story, fictional one.
but he sucks in writing, people said the more you read, the more you ca
n write.
but he found out that he cant write, he'd try to write..but nothing came out from his mind to the paper. so he decided. he classify himself to be
a reader, not a writer.
the thing i like about the boy is, i think i have the same problem with him.
i like reading books, story books, biography, autobiography, history, literature,
you name it.
i'd once tried to write. a so-called love story
but i found out i dont have a proper ending for it.
so i left it unfinished half done.
i suppose i have to stick to be only a reader.
i feel excellent being one.
*now playing: Super Junior-Marry You
i know, you never see me as a girl, a girl you'd be attracted to
you be friend with me because
i'm a good listener,you can easily share things with me
do you know that i only be a good listener
to whom i love? and care?
you didn't know right..i guess u'll never know..
and whats that suppose to mean ainur?
are you saying here, you love him?
cut that crap sweetheart, you'll hurt yourself.
i'll listen to my mind..
but what about my heart?
i pity her, i always ignore her,
sometimes i feel guilty..but this is for her own good.
never mind..being friend is more than enough
as long as theres reasons to talk to him
cheesy much lah ainur..
*now playing: Super Junior-Shining Star
oh its freaking 15 days to go!!!!!
my true loves are coming to Malaysia!
boys...embrace me, kiss me, surround me,fill me in with lots of your love
the 13 or at least 10 of you
and makes me happy that day, ok?
especially you, Cho Kyuhyun :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

this is it! :')

i'm one step away from my dream.
ooo my God
i'm all teary just by thinking of it
thats all i should say,
many times of it,
even its not that appropriate, you know..
being too happy for things like this,
going to a concert~
but its my dream and its once in a life time
i'll take this as a life experience
that can make me see things in a broader, more matured way
i'll be celebrating my 20th years of life 10 days after the concert
and ends my teen years
so yeah
this is surely the biggest, most precious birthday present I've ever had
a friend i treasured from i-know-nothing until now, still.
nurilya ellyna,, ELLY :')
i just want you to know, its not the ticket that makes me feel happy today,
its the thought,
the thought that you want to include me in this beautiful life experience
i could't help but to be all teary after you awarded me
with this great big surprise.
i feel so honored buddy.
you have all the thanks in the world from me
thanks Allah..thank you so much, you gave me a chance
to feel this tiny, little bit, of all the beautiful things
that you've created in this world
i feel blessed
even prettier, to experience it first hand with my buddy
the journey is yet to start,
i'll be doing countdowns for the time to come
bare with me readers
i'm a fangirl remember? ;)
now, i must be concentrating on my u-works
my upcoming exams
i'll be doing my very best to show to the boys that i'm working hard too,
just like them!
quoted by my buddy
"for now, there are TWO things in my life,
exams and this concert, only these two"

Friday, February 18, 2011


hopefully everything will be alright,
i'll be praying hard,
keeping my finger cross for anything bad to happen.
tomorrow is the key to my dream and its all depending on my buddy elly.
i wish you good luck and all the best
may our dream comes true
cant wait cant wait!
oh warning peeps, i might be bragging about something
real soon..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

yayy! I found another Mr.Cho

hihihi..hi there!
i promise this will be a short post.
i know i'm way too late to like this guy, but he is so cute i cant help it ;)
people, meet John Cho
(he's super cute right? hehe)
a Korean-American, who is an actor
(hey, Flash Forward series, remember?)
[oh yeah, Harold and Kumar...ppffftt~]
and much more of course~
isnt he cute? (>.<)
eventhough he is quite 'aged' for me
(man! he's 39 this year!)
i dont care! he's cute and he's Cho! hehe :D
but sadly, he's married to a pretty Japanese-American
and had a son :(
lets not fret ainur.. you still have your Cho Kyuhyun
he will soon be...
(pardon for the delusional me peeps, i'm a girl)
okay enough, till then, bye!
note: these pictures are not mine, they are taken from the Google image search engine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

love hunting

okay people, i'm so bored today i should have agree with arifah
to go to time square today.
screw me..ungrateful child!
haih~ there, i did it again..its not like i dont have homework to do
or what
but i really dont have the mood to do it..not today..
how nice...
shopping, maybe watching movie and all
the problem here is not like i dont want to go out,
but when we go out we tend to spend money
but i have to count every penny to be sacrificed
because i really want to go to that
hhhmmm..just forget about it ainur..
this is for the sake of the boys..
patience is all you need :)
another lame post i know..
p/s: i really really really want to hunt, but i know i'm not fully equipped

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

had my eyes wide open, why would they open?

oh this is just a random picture of the match
*the thorn among the roses, The Blues among The Reds*
well you know problems will never run out of ideas on how to be problematic.
they are just too absorbed with what they are doing.
i supposed if they are tired of being a problem,
then they will become more like a helper...
oh lame lah ainur~
bla bla bla
oh ya people, i have something to brag about here
*not that anyone ever read my blog, but who cares*
i got A- for my micro teaching practice man~
i'm so proud of myself
(and my group mates of course,without them i'm nothing)
seriously people..
do you know how hard to plan a lesson plan?
it is so hard that we felt very dry,used,tired, exhausted,
after finished planning ONE lesson plan
and and and..
not to mention controlling a class full of
a bunch of young adult pretending to be standard 4 students
i'm just thankful it when out well
hmm..oh! i really really really really really
want to go
that concert!
19th March 2011
being in this beautiful sapphire blue sea
holding banners, light sticks, and dream
ah~my dream
a once in a life time dream
my life.
please strength..
please be strong enough
i'm begging you
please do whatever it takes
to fulfill this lifetime mission
i promise you i wont ask for any other thing this year
hopefully my dream will come true
i really have to sleep now
but i really cant put my eyes shut
yeah yeah
i'm trying right now

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy birthday cho kyuhyun love =)

hopefully you'll get all the things you want in this world
stay healthy
love your hyungs as much as they love you
be successful in everything you do
i love you
i love you
i love you
forever and ever
hope you will be happy hey! its your day
saranghae cho kyuhyun oppa =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i'll keep this short because i'm not good in saying good bye :'(
ok, so here it goes...
farewell, farewell,
i'll keep your poster on the wall of my heart,
but i shall tear it from the wall of my room,
be happy at the Blues field,
but i should warn you,
you don't look good in blue
so yeah;
we the Reds will fight and prove to you,
even without you, we can do this
this is not a warning letter
but a rather sad note from a supporter,
a die hard fan, who is really hurt right now
good luck and all the best lad
we'll miss you..so much..esp stevie the capt :'(
"his armband prove he was a red, TORRES TORRES
'You'll Never Walk Alone' it said, TORRES TORRES
we bring the lad from the sunny Spain
he get the ball, he scores again
i'll never have the chance to sing this chant at the Kop ='(

Sunday, January 30, 2011

autumn in my heart

yes..this is the feeling i'm having now..so bright, so breezy, so light..i'm not good at this but i can feel it..i can feel the emotion and the mood..i know..its quite pathetic for me to feel this way but i cant help it..i'm so happy i can smile in my sleep..yes people..i'm so in love..i'm in love with him..oh this is so cheesy..not that he loves me back..but who cares..can i at least be happy of what he had done for me tonight? oh i didn't tell you right? he sang for me..yes..got it? he did sing for me..you tell me,how on earth a girl NOT be falling head over heals when a boy sing for her? oh the sweetest song ever..the truth is, i still like him..and when he did things like this i cant help but to fall even more for him..can i? can i? i know everything about that girl but i really cant stop my feeling towards him..its like,the more i tried,the more it wont leave my heart..
this is the lyrics of the song:
-It's hard for me to say "Thanks" or "Bye" to You
All I can say to you is "Thank You" or "Thanks so much"
eveything is brand new to me, so I'm a little unsure
How should I say it? It's still really awkward
Even today, I worry about it
Hopefully we'll be able to have a "Banmal Relationship"
even though its stil kind of awkward
rather than saying "gomawoyo" (thank you)
let me hear more intimate words
We can have a "Banmal Relationship"
one step at a time, slowly walk closer
look at me in the eye
can you tell me "I love You"
its hard being a secret admirer...
thanks for the song chingu, gomawo =)
and btw, this song is from yonghwa and seohyun, wgm couple~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sleep talking

"my mind is so full right now that i don't even realize i was doing all these silly things..i mean, what did i think? how can i be that foolish? am i that stupid? oh please..."
>i should be hitting the sack now..sleeping, dozing over..but instead, i'm here..i couldn't shut my eyes close as i saw tons of awaiting problems as soon as i closed them..well not problems..things in life that need to be solve..oh i'm so miserable now..what am i suppose to do? is this worrying over unnecessary things like one of my lecturer always said? i don't think so...i think i'm definitely worrying over certainly necessary important things..things that make my life..they are what people live for..what people need in their life..their soul nourisher..its not love i'm talking about here..its many things all of you disregard because of love..
>and you! i don't give a damn about what you are thinking of her! i don't like you like i did before..you pathetic little loser! i wish you can read this, loser! now my hatred isn't for her anymore but more to that annoying fuzzy feelings towards you..you sore loser! clever me huh? i can control myself..you thought me fool! set a barrier, remember? thanks by the way
>"sometimes..just sometimes, i can be so sickly annoyed by the people i love the most..not necessarily a guy, it can be family or friends"
>please.....i'm so tired right now...