Thursday, February 10, 2011

love hunting

okay people, i'm so bored today i should have agree with arifah
to go to time square today.
screw me..ungrateful child!
haih~ there, i did it again..its not like i dont have homework to do
or what
but i really dont have the mood to do it..not today..
how nice...
shopping, maybe watching movie and all
the problem here is not like i dont want to go out,
but when we go out we tend to spend money
but i have to count every penny to be sacrificed
because i really want to go to that
hhhmmm..just forget about it ainur..
this is for the sake of the boys..
patience is all you need :)
another lame post i know..
p/s: i really really really want to hunt, but i know i'm not fully equipped