Wednesday, March 25, 2009


thanx to elly~ i'm now liverpool supporter~but i'm still new...there's so much for me to know n find out about dis team..haha..never cross in my mind to like n watch football..i dont hate it,i just dont care to know bout dis sport..for me football is totally not me..but it really quiet interesting if u watch the match..the way the players play..haha..i watched my real 1st match alone last monday..liverpool vs aston is very ah..x penah2 tgok bola ...tbe2 tgok bola wktu 2nd half..ttdo...huhu..i miss 2 goals..thnk god dah tgok kat final score after dat..elly cam mrh ah gak tp dye kate xpe2...1st gave me dis brilliant idea..dye kate wktu mle2 dye tgok bola dlu pon sebab dye nak tgok she told me to choose any player yg agak cute...(xcept gerrard..haha) so, i decided to choose fernando torres...walaweyh~bole thn ape comeinye...n dats was the story...the beginning of a new story...''ainur fan of liverpool''

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


when i ask u to listen,
and u start giving me advice,
u have not done what i've asked..
When i ask u to listen
n u feel u have to do something to solve my problem,
u have failed me,
strange as that may seem,
When i ask you to listen to me
and u begin to tell me why i shouldn't feel dat way,
u are trampling on my feelings,
all i ask is that you listen,
dont talk or do-just hear me,
advice is cheap...
when u do something for me that i can n need to do myself,
u contribute to my fear and inadequacy,
so please listen n just hear me
and if u want to talk,
wait a minute for ur turn
and i will listen to you~


hye it maybe look n sound pathetic but i'm dying to write more..(teruje)maybe bcos i'm new here..haha..ok newbies,introduce urself:)
ok!here goes~
*i'm ainur mardhiah azrai*18 to be*i love pink!*i love barbie(laugh if u want to..haha)*29th march every year is my bday*i love my fmily*ayah-my true hero.the most sabar man in the whole wide world.n my bank begerak.i love u ayah!,ibu-although sumtymes i feel lyke banging my head to the wall becos of her own anger management problem.she can be so sweet on the other for e.g her so much!:),abg-he always call me debab or si tembam which on the real world is so so so true.maybe back then i can be so mad at him.but now i think it is just some cruel encouragement for me to trim down a u?haha!,azam-my only adeq laki which is so xtremely in his early teenage/grown up year(ckp mcm dah besa sgt..haha).sumtymes he can be quiet annoying,but then bukannye slalu jumpe i dont really care so much.ily azam.hehe!,alya-my only lil sys.i hv to share my(ok..our..)precious room with her.ohh.she can be such a drama queen.reporting my activities to my mom.but i love her because some of the reports were eventually will make ibu pleased with me*i love my frens-TKC'S GLADIATORS 0408.we make it till the last day kn?standing tough!huhu-THE GEGIRL(aman,juni,zue,nazu,shamim,diyana)eventhough kte ske memekak n buat havoc dmne2 kte berade,kte x pnah buat discipline cases kn?kte bdak baik yg pndai menyanyi dan disukai ramai.even the mkck-pkck dining hall n the wardens pon jd fans kte kn.haha.elly-my heart to heart best buddy,hannan-sobiroh yg sengal tp pndai,hana-beddie yg menimbulkn kontrovesi,bazy-rkn segile n x gemok!noni-sweet deskie08*i love laughing*of my precious room*i love myself*love romantic guy like the one in video clip 'tanpa'*love my maybe i'm still waiting for sum1 to curi n keep my heart fovever without hurting it.hahaha*i think thats it.some info bout the little miss naughty-ainur*wink*(^o^)
sory if it looks a bit mess...x pndai lg:)...i'll improve kayh;)

the beginning~

hello2~ testing2...:) i'm not good because i'm new.. this is a very good day to start a new sumthing in my lyfe... hope to see improvement n success!! long life everybody~ peace,love n harmony:ainur:)