Thursday, August 13, 2009


dear..i'm so sorry for u..i'm so sorry dat ur heart is so hurt now..i'm sorry i dont do anything anything to help u..u might think i'm not concern about u anymore now ryte?? the truth buddy..i'm still thinking of u everyday, hows ur lyfe there treating u, hows ur study, hows everything!..i always want to call u n talk till we drop, share our stories, giggles together, cry together, ..but i'm just a student dat will use a lot of money for other things other than reloading my i'm sorry buddy..i'm really,really,really sorrry!


scretive me~ said...

i'm pretty sure this post is about me.but ragu2 gak r.hehehe.if btol this is for me,,xpe.aku phm.dun worry.i'll fix it myself. ;D

miss barbie_sakura293 said...

ckp mcm tu lg la kte rse bersalah..
huuu~~ =[

miss barbie_sakura293 said...

post ni cm poyo ar pulak..hikhik!