Sunday, February 20, 2011

this is it! :')

i'm one step away from my dream.
ooo my God
i'm all teary just by thinking of it
thats all i should say,
many times of it,
even its not that appropriate, you know..
being too happy for things like this,
going to a concert~
but its my dream and its once in a life time
i'll take this as a life experience
that can make me see things in a broader, more matured way
i'll be celebrating my 20th years of life 10 days after the concert
and ends my teen years
so yeah
this is surely the biggest, most precious birthday present I've ever had
a friend i treasured from i-know-nothing until now, still.
nurilya ellyna,, ELLY :')
i just want you to know, its not the ticket that makes me feel happy today,
its the thought,
the thought that you want to include me in this beautiful life experience
i could't help but to be all teary after you awarded me
with this great big surprise.
i feel so honored buddy.
you have all the thanks in the world from me
thanks Allah..thank you so much, you gave me a chance
to feel this tiny, little bit, of all the beautiful things
that you've created in this world
i feel blessed
even prettier, to experience it first hand with my buddy
the journey is yet to start,
i'll be doing countdowns for the time to come
bare with me readers
i'm a fangirl remember? ;)
now, i must be concentrating on my u-works
my upcoming exams
i'll be doing my very best to show to the boys that i'm working hard too,
just like them!
quoted by my buddy
"for now, there are TWO things in my life,
exams and this concert, only these two"