Friday, June 19, 2009


the title might be a lil bit..i dont know..for me..spooky..seeing the word being type itself make me feel very nervous..but it is wut is going on with my life now..i sumhow slowly entered a phase of life called..adulthood(gggrrr..goosebumps!!)..of course not totally change cos this phase took a whole lot of tyme.. 8th of june i was sent to management n science university(msu) shah alam for a course in dip TESL..i'm not sure wut i feel at dat tyme..not totally sad but also not totally happy..i'd rather called it nervous..i guess..nervous of a totally new lyfe,with new surrounding,new circle of friends,new people,new activities, but most of all maybe a new it nervous or scared? i'm not sure...more like combination of both.. ok..let get to the story..true story of me for the past 10 days at hostel is located inside the campus which is not totally a is a 3 blocks shoplot with a compound transformed to become msu n college ptptl's temporary campus bcos our new campus still in room have 2 double dacker bunk which made my room had a total of 4 people in it..quiet a big num for a small room like dat..but it doesnt matter nway..i like crowds..the more the marrier..hahahaha..besides,all my roommate still in their semester holidays(which is now clear that they are all seniors..i've met 2 of them n they are so nice..)the 1st four days was the orntation week..typically..groups being made,lots of teamwork,abg2 n kakak2 faci with their ridiculous yet fun tasks,talks,talks n more talks,hillarious group performances ..i sumhow like it..n then comes the part when we have to settle everything all by ourselve..the ptptn loan,the subject registration,the way to calculate our tuition fees,the meeting with our mentor n counsellor,the way to count credit hours,the way to look at the tricky timetable n lots more..thats when all the adulthood really started..i never done anything like all that stuffs alone before..n it felt really awfull when i had to decide sumthing without my parents to guide really make me grow up faster than ever in that little period of time n tried to solve the problems all by myself..i felt like crying at some points of the times but then i realised this is exactly wuts going to happen to me after this..or mybe i got to adapt fast,be independent,know how to control myself,or i'll be lost..besides its not like i'm truely all alone..i got my mentor n counsellor to advice n teach me on is just that i'm the one who will do the things..not like before school..almost everything ayah n ibu will do..OK..done with msu..i know a whole lot of new friends..firstly my groupmate in orntation week..they are~taufiq,hazim,haziq,aiman,hafifi,sildesh,intan,aina,ain,ambiga,shira,jess,n chua..we are the ROCKSTARS ryte..hehe...enough with isabella either in search version or in the orchestra version..after dis we will all be going in different faculty but the memories remain..and my new roommates~sha,syaza, n lia..good to know u all n i hope share some great moments with all of u:) to other new friends~ecah,is,nazim, thanks for ur accompany..i do appreciated my mentor~mdm nur izlin, please guide me my counsellor~kak malzana,thanks for all the time u spent to make me not so nervous bout my life here..i will always need u here..AND a big round of applause to abg2 n kakak2 faci for the brilliant orntation week~en muaz,abg zul,abg faris,abg bob,abg shaputra,abg hairie,kak syira,kak anne,kak ika n all...thanks..thanks..thanks.. n a special thanks to elly n diyana for keeping me insane while i stuggled to go through the most boring weekend of my lyfe filled a a little by calling n u both!..n a whole bunch of thanks to stephen mayer for creating 'new moon'..the savior of my desperate life last weekend..i read that book without skipping not even a word i tell u..haha..n of course last but not least to ibu n ayah for not failing to call me 5 times a day for that 10 days..gosh its a number! i do appreciated it n will always remember it..oh yeah~to my hubby love:))fernando torres..thanks for being there with me every single second i'm in the room..although u r just hansomely stand still in the poster..i knew u were there with me(gile!) haha..erm..ok than..thats all i guess..thanks for reading:)


elly said...

babe,,glad u hv a gud life.
rmmbr u got my back in any ways.
love u till da day i die.promise.

DiyaNA~~ said...

luv u too..
huhu.. comment i;
u have to improve ur vocal darling.. breathing pon kene jage.. hehe..
ainur~~ tatau la nk cmmnt pe.. kmoo happy kte pon happy.. LUV U!!