Wednesday, April 27, 2011

annoyed much!

i find it a little bit disturbing+annoying when you always talk about the not-so-good side of people you don't like and tell the whole world about it..please..i see no difference between you and those people!
and oh yeah dearest readers...please pray for my exam? thanks! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

giving up

i don't know why but i think this picture is so sweet.
even my friends agreed with this statement.
they look so compatible together.
they are very cute right?
can be the next WGM couple.
hihihi >_<
just think about it
kyunur couple..
my friend said i deserve better. she said i have to take care of my heart
i'm trying very hard right now.
okay i don't want to sound desperado here
so i'd take a stand,
i'll quit
i'll give more chance to myself
i'll not restrict myself
i'll find somebody else worth it
the one that will accept me
(distraction1 : cf about Bieber boy)
oh justin bieber, baby you are so sweet..
i wish i'm younger so that it'll not be too embarrassing
fangirling head over heal for you hehe
so i made my decision,
i'll clear up my mind, build some barrier
for this 'so called' feeling..
so that we can be normal friends
but not strangers,
and live happily :)
since you already found someone..
i too will start looking hehe
dont worry, i'll be fine..
i'd made my mind, remember? :D
ayah give me a brilliant idea about writing.
this is his example of story:
a girl, say a teenage girl age maybe 12 or 13
(base on my truth story handling my sister..and myself of course)
np: Super Junior K.R.Y - Fly
so the idea is, write about what this teenage feel, face, and etc..
in a fun n interesting way.
targeted readers: around that age also..
i love the idea, but the fact that i'm not a writer
bugged me.
i feel this very interesting..
okay i tell you what,
what if i give it a try?
sounds good!
i dont know..............what do you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

mushroom garden

hello readers..i know..its been a while..but i really2 am busy with my studies now, the last semester before going to practicum, hectic but i love the discipline. i'm having this idea to write this at this place called *title of the post* haha
the reason why i'm dying to write now is you know when you are really annoyed with a person, you tend to forget that you are a human. sounds mean..but hey, thats how i feel now..pretty much boiled up to head..i dont know for others, but for me, its quite pathetic for a girl to behave like that with a group of boys. that just not right. professionally and ethically...please lah..we were in a class, behave like one. i dont give a sh*t if you want to show your so called 'affections' towards the boys OUTSIDE the class but in the class? where everyone can see you? thats just how it eeeeeuuuuwwww me like h*ll! i know..i are a bright student with result i never had but that doesnt mean u dont need the knowledge..OR if you really think you dont need the knowledge, can you please consider other people? people who really want to have that knowledge to at least dream to have result as yours..*sigh*
. you n I both are in awkward period or what? i cant stand this you know..i really2 want everything to be as normal as it can be, if you can act like a normal person towards her..why cant i act normal towards you? the thing is here are acting like an alien towards me, how am i suppose to cope with that? its been 3 weeks you know, since you last talked with me in a normal it because of that 4496 seconds of talk time? if it is because of that than dont you ever think about that night anymore..i just want the old you, who are not awkward and shy or something shitty like that..i dont like it. it makes me feel far from you..please..act the normal you towards me..i miss you :'(
okay so i felt so much more relieved now than before..thanks blog..i owe you i must continue my life..thanks guys..