Thursday, August 13, 2009


  • last nyte,, i watched SEPI,, it was a very nice movie,, i cried horribly ...
  • yeah,, its a 'cerite lme' ,, kaksu rcomend me to watch it
  • cerite-cerite sedih yg patut ditengok!
  • -> sepi, cinta, pensil, n lots more shes been promoting to me..
  • how kabir bakhtiar plan the story is awesome and how the pelakons act were spectacular! the best actor is of course afdlin shauki :)
  • my favourite story between dat 3 story is iman's story..although baizura kahar's acting is not really good,, but i found her story is really near to me..
  • overall,, good movie it was,, imagine if i watched it at cinema~
  • hhmm..totally a blew!! :D

  • i dreamt of him this morning...see, i slept late last night, so i'm very sleepy this when they all(ayah, ibu, alya) had gone to work n school,, i fell asleep again...
  • it was only from 8-9 a.m sleep..a 1 hour sleep..but when i woke up..i feel like i was sleeping for ages! like it was part of my life...the missing part of it..
  • in my dream me n him(only elly n christina knows him) met in this one wedding of our friend..he never notice me before..never! i think..(it was a secret crush..i like him from the first day i saw him..) but at dat wedding,, we keep on meeting eyes n it feels different..and he was also feeling the same feeling i felt..and it really feel so real..
  • so when the wedding was over, i was on my way to my car (already dreaming of getting my license..)when suddenly he called me..
  • ''ainur!! ainur kn? erm..kte satu klas kn? u look pretty today.." i just nervously nod,,shyly smile~~ :)
  • the fact that he was standing there, talking to me was a real blow to me..what more,, he said i'm pretty?? is it true?? although it was just a dream..i can feel my cheeks hot , far as i dat dream..i was just like me in this real world..still big,not slim, still wearing a tudung, my real self..
  • he ask me to join him for a minum-minum anywhere near,, suddenly i'm so scared..mybe it was just a betting his friends and him are plying around..but his face is genuinely honest, i cant stop myself from saying 'ok' ..(i thought it was a great desicion since i will never get that chance in the real world)
  • during dat minum-minum moment,,he told me this shocking statement..i remembered it clearly..masih terngiang-ngiang lg tau!
  • "i tau u mybe terkejut kn i tbe2 dtg kat u td, tbe2 ajak gi minum, hhmm..i pon xtau..actually..i dah lame suke kat u..u comell sgt..n baik..but i dont know how to bgtau dis thing to u..u know n u see..i'm not a very good guy..u seems so nice..i tkut u x trime ble tgok lynn dgn alias bahagie td..i x bole tahan diri i..i tkut u pegi kat org lain..will u marry me ainur..please..dont say no.."
  • my tears run down my cheeks..i cant believe almost feel like real..almost..n suddenly the scene changed..
  • with 'cinta antara kita' song being the background music of dat scene..we were having a sweet moment together..walking at the park, eating together, laughing..and then when he was staring softly into my eyes..
  • i was awake~
  • still smiling of dat sweet moment..i tried really hard to continue my sleep n my dream..but i cant..

i dont know what is the meaning of this dream

it might be just a 'mainan tidur'


mybe bcos i watched SEPI..(he really looks like sein ruffedge in dat movie)


i'm happy..eventhough it is just a dream..

at least i had feel those happy feeling being together with him..

even it is just for a while..

its enough,, more than enough~

in real world..i'm still his biggest secret admire..

*menyukai seseorang yang bukan muhrim yg berlainan jantina tanpa si dia mengetahuinye adalah satu jihad*

(somebody told me that)

  • p/s : tomorrow,, test jpj..wish me luck friends~


dear..i'm so sorry for u..i'm so sorry dat ur heart is so hurt now..i'm sorry i dont do anything anything to help u..u might think i'm not concern about u anymore now ryte?? the truth buddy..i'm still thinking of u everyday, hows ur lyfe there treating u, hows ur study, hows everything!..i always want to call u n talk till we drop, share our stories, giggles together, cry together, ..but i'm just a student dat will use a lot of money for other things other than reloading my i'm sorry buddy..i'm really,really,really sorrry!