Monday, April 14, 2014

Ugly Alert

I'm on a marathon of watching a drama with 133 episodes now. Currently on the 90th episode, Ugly Alert takes my korean drama watching experience up to a new level. It is not the usual plot like love triangle, evil mother/stepmother, puppy love of school students and stuffs. It shows the real hardships of life that everybody needs to struggle. It shows that even the luckiest, happiest, or wealthiest person can be sad inside and need some love to cure it. And by love,it doesn't need to be between man and woman. The love showed in this drama comes from different angles and perspectives, on of them is love towards family especially siblings. It also shows the consequences of what might happen if a person lacks of love. I'm so happy with the drama i chose because it shows maturity (not that i hate childish drama, i just need something new) and this drama gives me tones of it. Eventhough the episodes seems a lot, each and every one of it is very important to the plot expands. Cant wait to finish this drama but kinda sad too. Bittersweet. 
Life is love
- chorunia -

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