Saturday, January 16, 2010

syed n sweetheart darling~

    • (^ ^)
    • this post is specially dedicated to my 2 new love of my life syed n ayie..i love them so much..
    • please take care of them Ya Allah..
    • i'll love them as much as i could..insyaallah~
    • _________________________________
    • Kittens kittens everywhere
    • Kittens chewing on my hair
    • Kittens climbing up my jeans
    • Kittens hanging from the screens
    • There's a kitten on each shoulder
    • Will they do this when they're older?
    • Kittens fighting on the chairs
    • Kittens tumbling down the stairs
    • There's a kitten on my head
    • There's a kitten in the bread!
    • There's a kitten in my shoe
    • I don't believe we just have two!
    • ___________________________________
    • -kitten kitten by William Wordsworth-
    this is me :)
    my adorable babies sleeping
    ayie : bouncy baby
    syed : genuinely graceful
    notes : they r actually female kittens :P


    elly scouser said...

    comeeellll ;DDD

    KEY 505 said...

    syed? hehehe.comel.
    yg lagi satu sharifah laaa. ;p

    miss barbie_sakura said...

    elly: yupp mmg sgt comel!
    key: syed n ayie tu ade mkne tersendiri..ehehe~

    kEnTuT kECiL said...

    aino...pu3 nk adope kitten gak..hukhukhuk..pu3 rindu sgt kat kucing pu3..

    miss barbie_sakura said...

    carilah kat pu3 :)
    byk choice..pu3 pilih je~

    nt boleh la maen dgn syed n ayie ainur ;)
    klau jntan mti dyorg lg ske!
    ahaks! :D

    anwar azhari said...


    masakan jantan diberi nama betina..!!

    tp cute... nice..

    miss barbie_sakura said...

    mereka ada nama perempuannya juga :)


    *dyorg sgt comel! now ni dah pndai pnjat2! geram pon ade gak kdg2 tp nak buat cmne..kucg kn..

    syg sgt kat dyorg~