Wednesday, March 4, 2009


hye it maybe look n sound pathetic but i'm dying to write more..(teruje)maybe bcos i'm new here..haha..ok newbies,introduce urself:)
ok!here goes~
*i'm ainur mardhiah azrai*18 to be*i love pink!*i love barbie(laugh if u want to..haha)*29th march every year is my bday*i love my fmily*ayah-my true hero.the most sabar man in the whole wide world.n my bank begerak.i love u ayah!,ibu-although sumtymes i feel lyke banging my head to the wall becos of her own anger management problem.she can be so sweet on the other for e.g her so much!:),abg-he always call me debab or si tembam which on the real world is so so so true.maybe back then i can be so mad at him.but now i think it is just some cruel encouragement for me to trim down a u?haha!,azam-my only adeq laki which is so xtremely in his early teenage/grown up year(ckp mcm dah besa sgt..haha).sumtymes he can be quiet annoying,but then bukannye slalu jumpe i dont really care so much.ily azam.hehe!,alya-my only lil sys.i hv to share my(ok..our..)precious room with her.ohh.she can be such a drama queen.reporting my activities to my mom.but i love her because some of the reports were eventually will make ibu pleased with me*i love my frens-TKC'S GLADIATORS 0408.we make it till the last day kn?standing tough!huhu-THE GEGIRL(aman,juni,zue,nazu,shamim,diyana)eventhough kte ske memekak n buat havoc dmne2 kte berade,kte x pnah buat discipline cases kn?kte bdak baik yg pndai menyanyi dan disukai ramai.even the mkck-pkck dining hall n the wardens pon jd fans kte kn.haha.elly-my heart to heart best buddy,hannan-sobiroh yg sengal tp pndai,hana-beddie yg menimbulkn kontrovesi,bazy-rkn segile n x gemok!noni-sweet deskie08*i love laughing*of my precious room*i love myself*love romantic guy like the one in video clip 'tanpa'*love my maybe i'm still waiting for sum1 to curi n keep my heart fovever without hurting it.hahaha*i think thats it.some info bout the little miss naughty-ainur*wink*(^o^)
sory if it looks a bit mess...x pndai lg:)...i'll improve kayh;)


tak.mahu.dikenali said...

as a first gurl!!
huhu.. not bad la..
but berpinar jugak la mata nie.. hehe
pasni leh wat blog gegirl lak.. haha

hannanshabirah said...

hannan-sobiroh yg sengal

wahhh..tidak kusangka diriku ini sengal..kusangka diriku ini baeekk
dan anggun la of course...
terima kasih kerana mengingati diriku ini..